Affiliate Marketing as a Marketing Tool

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Pay-per-click adds incentive for your affiliates to help promote your product or service.

One way in which affiliate marketing can be used as an effective marketing tool is through what is known as “pay per click”.  “Pay per click” is a mode through which the web site which hosts a company’s advertisement receives payment from that company for every visitor who arrives on the company web site by clicking the advertisement on the affiliate site.

Another way in which affiliate marketing can be an effective marketing tool is by offering selective rates for certain products or services through affiliates.  An example of this could be a discount travel offer for a hotel, resort or casino business offered through a company such as Travelocity or Expedia.

Viral Videos as a Marketing Tool

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Facebook's video sharing feature is just one example of how viral videos can be advantageously utilized for internet marketing.

Two features of viral videos which make them a valuable marketing tool are the ability to post videos at no cost on sites such as YouTube, and the ability to share those videos at no cost through social networks.  If the video title, tags and description are implemented effectively, the video will be easily found and receive more traffic on sites such as YouTube.  Additionally, many of those who find the video appealing or interesting may decide to share the video using social networks such as Facebook or Twitter, which will help expand the audience of any company advertising by using viral videos at no extra cost for advertising resources.  With the advent of major video sharing sites and social networks, your audience can become one of your best advertising resources at no cost to you.

Blogs as an Effective Marketing Tool

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For any company seeking to advertise using blogs, it is beneficial to seek blogs which deal with products the same as or similar to the kind they wish to advertise.

Blogs can be used as a marketing tool for advertisers seeking a more direct mode of communicating within their advertising campaign to their target audience of individuals interested in a company’s specific type of product or service.  This allows the advertiser more certainty that the type of product they are advertising is consistent with the potential client’s interests, rather than wasting resources for advertising where they will not appeal to the viewer.  Blogs can also be helpful for providing regular updates with information about new products, and by linking to additional resources which can provide the potential client with more thorough information should they want to research the product further before making a buying decision.

How Twitter Can Work As a Marketing Tool

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Twitter has rapidly become a popular marketing tool for businesses large and small.

One way in which Twitter can be used as an effective marketing tool is by providing updates on new products and services, select discount offers and press releases to a select base of clientele instantly through mobile phone networks to cater to their particular interest in products or services.  Twitter’s 140 character limit allows it to be more easily integrated into SMS limited cellular networks, giving it an advantageous level of compatibility for companies to bring the latest news and announcements directly to the clients wherever they may be.

Twitter can additionally be useful as a marketing tool is for CEOs who may not have sufficient time to write a full length blog and keep it updated on a regular basis.  Twitter’s format designed for sending information in SMS is an excellent way to allow those who do not have the time to keep full blogs to communicate and publish important announcements through social media on a regular basis to keep their network up to date.

How to Use a Blog as a Marketing Tool

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Blogs are cheap, and prevalent advertising space

A blog could be used as a marketing tool in several ways. Two of the greatest aspects of a blog are it’s natural immersion in social media, and how inexpensive it is to launch an marketing-campaign that surrounds one that is well-established. A blog offers a simple way to get connected through the wide world of social media; where everyone meets everyone through everyone. In conducting an internet-based ad campaign, the marketing is accomplished by attracting people to the blog, where they could get information about the company, and possibly purchase their product. All of this is relatively cheap to accomplish, since many of the most popular social media sites (i.e. facebook and twitter) are absolutely free of charge.