Keys to the Future of Internet Marketing

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True writing skill is one key to the future of internet marketing for which no technology can offer no substitute.

There are a number of aspects of internet marketing which will be centrally important to the future in how business continues to adapt to new modes and means of communication.  Although many elements of marketing will continue to change and adapt to new fronts on which to reach one’s target audience, raw skill for writing is one key for which there will never be a substitute.  The ability to creatively employ language in any format is something that cannot be imitated by any machine or program, but is inherently human.  This does not, however, mean that even those with a great level of writing skill will not meet new challenges in adapting to the new modes of advertising which are continuously coming about in modern business.

Even the most skilled writers will need to adjust in the future to the shift of business to the internet as will many other fronts of modern business for internet marketing.  Writers must constantly remain alert and open to re-formulating their approach and adapt to new methods as necessary.  Writing for internet marketing as it is today already differs widely from writing for traditional print writing in that writers must adapt their styles to incorporate the requirements of Search Engine Optimization, include commonly searched keywords and organize language back into a manner which flows as naturally as it would had they not needed to work within the context of SEO keyword and organization basics.

It can be argued that Search Engine Optimization is nearly, if not as much so, important to the future of internet marketing.  This is because no marketing campaign can be successful if it is not seen by a large target audience.  Without SEO—and with the wide and massive variety of content that exists on the web—it is nearly impossible for an advertising campaign to succeed without the investment of a massive amount of financial resources, because it is very difficult to make one’s advertising stand out enough to appear on search engines when there is so much similar content on the web.

Beyond SEO comes another essential principle which has been centrally important long before internet marketing and will continue to be just as much of a key in the future of internet marketing—presentation.  Whether marketing on one’s own web site or marketing through an affiliate, one must always pay close attention to how their company is being represented and what kind of impression it will make on the minds of viewers who stumble upon it.  It must have appealing language, a clever graphic, or something unique that sets it apart enough to pique the viewer’s curiosity enough so that the viewer will be curious to learn more about the product or service. By mastering the essentials of getting the word of your company’s product or service out, appealing to target audiences and maintaining a strong reputation among consumers, one can ensure a strong chance of commercial success in the future of internet marketing.

Basic Tips for Internet Marketing With Viral Videos

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Most video sharing web sites such as YouTube are designed for shorter videos in which the poster will get their message across clearly and in few words, so get straight to the point.

As with other modes of advertising, there are some basic principles to keep in mind when using viral videos for internet marketing:

  • Stick to the Main Points – Most video sharing sites such as YouTube limit the length of a video to 10 minutes, so prioritize the most important points.
  • Be Specific – You will want to make certain that your audience understands the full context of your message.  Feel free to elaborate with longer explanations in your description box, or to provide links for further reading.
  • Organization – This is important both for your main talking points in your video and in how your organize information in your description, especially when you have so little time and space to work with.
  • Recognizable Keywords – using keywords in the title and tags which are commonly searched will help your video be found more easily.
  • Criticism – Be prepared to take into account valid points of constructive criticism from your viewers in both comments and response videos to improve your approach in the future.

Tips for Using Blogs for Internet Marketing

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SEO is an essential tool for any effective blog marketing campaign.

Although blogs are generally a mode though which anybody with internet access may publish just about anything at any time, there are a number of important differences between free blogging and using blogs for internet marketing:

  • SEO – Whereas a private individual blog may be shared with as many or within as small a circle as the blogger wishes, it is essential to utilize SEO in writing a blog for internet marketing.  No blog can be successful if it cannot be easily found amongst the more than 100 million blogs that exist on the web.
  • Appealing Headline – In addition to making your blog visible in search engines, it is no less important that the blog appear worth checking by one who finds the search engine result in order to bring traffic to your blog web site.
  • Keep It Brief – Most of the web traffic likely to visit your blog is looking for fast information rather than a long and complicated piece that will consume a large amount of time.  If additional elaboration on the subject is required, it is beneficial to refer visitors to external links for further information.
  • Use Categories and Tags – This will help users looking for specific information more easily navigate your blog and find the information they wish to find quickly.
  • Comments – Although no blog writer wants a page filled with negative comments, it is important to allow both positive and negative feedback from readers as should be realistically expected.  An appearance of objectivity is a necessity for credibility.

The Future of Marketing on the Internet

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Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing is a young field and will grow exponentially in the coming years.  It has changed the way marketing is done with the advent of Internet Affiliate Marketing, Social Media, Viral Videos, and SEM/SEO.  Marketing on the Internet allows for tracking of marketing campaigns and collects valuable client information for later use. 

Affiliate Marketing
.  Done with very little effort as websites become more sophisticated and search engines allow more options for precise searches.
.  Comparison shopping allows exposure to a wide variety of customers while searching for similar products.
.  Connect with similar websites in order to reach the target audience. 

Social Media
Capitalize on human nature through such sites as Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and Twitter. 
.  Companies tap into a huge pool of clients by being referred through networks of friends and associates.
.  The fan feature automatically sends posts.
Forums allow the exchange ideas and opinions. 

Viral Videos
Viral sharing websites such as You Tube, Live Leak, Job Jab and Google Video provide limitless exposure, if the video is particularly good it will be forwarded. 
.  Provide comments area for open dialogue, use constructive criticism.
. Create interesting, entertaining and provocative video.

Web Design and Multimedia
.  Easy navigation and great content writing will direct the user.   
.  Images draw attention and explain your product. 
.  Use short and concise relevant video to attract clients. 
.  Integrate the brand with interactive features allowing the visitor to be a part of the experience. 
.  Use descriptive text on the landing page to draw the visitor in. 
.  Be visible to search engines, use SEO techniques to score high rankings and use descriptive text on every page.
.  Advertise on other sites with a video link to your site.
.  Statistically people read 28 percent of the words on a web visit, captivate the reader.

Press Releases
.  Communicate through blogs. 
.  Keep client base up to date with just one communiqué. 
.  Videos can be incorporated or links to other pertinent sites for information. 
.  Photographs will inform your audience about what you are writing about with a glance.

.  Utilize programs to help in the selection of keywords or keyword phrases to get high page rankings. 
.  Well-written, engaging content is what drives people and search engine crawlers to a website. 
.  Connect with the audience to pull them in.

WordPress formats posts beautifully and is free and easy to use making it a great tool for blogging.  It allows for simple incorporation of images, videos and links to other sites. 
.  Be brief and provide links, do not add too many keywords.
.  Categorize and tag posts correctly. 
.  Insert relevant large images and videos to convey your message. 
.  Write about unique and interesting topics.  Keep it fresh, current and compelling.  Enjoy what you are writing about.

The Three Most Important Aspects of Internet Marketing

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Cycle of Internet Marketing

I think the most important aspects of internet marketing are social media, visual media, and real-time traffic monitoring and analysis.

Social media is important because of how well it fits into the budget of any business: if you don’t want to go the free routes of commercial exposure yourself, hire someone to do it. The great thing about is that it doesn’t take much training, and it truly improves the company’s exposure.

These items aren’t ranked in accordance with importance; however, the second significant aspect of internet marketing – in my opinion – is visual media. Along the lines of bang for your buck – nothing beats a low budget video conveying your idea instead of an overpriced advertising travesty. By fixing yourself up with visual media (pictures, videos etc.) you’ll ensure that everyone has something to interest and maintain their attention; perhaps, long enough to make a sale.

Knowing who sees it empowers you, the marketer

The third item is the value of content; by this I mean how much you get out of what you wrote. Spewing empty words and obnoxiously decorative language will force people to lose interest as they trip over five-syllable words, and odd sentence constructions. You may want to impress your audience, you may want to relate to your audience; the beauty of well crafted content is that it will work for itself. What’s great about internet content is that you can actually see what people want to read, and use that knowledge to tighten their focus on whatever you want to tell them. when you are able to know who is watching/ reading/ listening to whatever you are doing, you can extrapolate trends, and learn about your audience. In doing so, you will ensure that they become loyal, once you establish their consistent interest in your work.

So, to reiterate everything; overall, I find that social media, visual media, and the real-time traffic analysis are the most important aspects of internet marketing. Social media allows quick and cheap exposure, visual media ensures that there’s an interest for every type of visitor, and real-time traffic allows the webmaster to concentrate their audience, and learn about their preferences, which could then be incorporated to reflect upon the way business is carried out.

Things Not to do When Using Viral Videos in Internet Marketing

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information overload

Information Overload

Be aware of things that you should not do when making a video, here are a few suggestions:

.  Do not overload your audience with a long video that could lose the interest of the viewer before they get your message, keep it short.

.  Instead of one long video break up your storyboard into 15-30 second bite-sized clips.

. When selling through your video don’t make it look like an ad unless you are genius at it, people will have a tendency to stop watching it if they immediately think you are selling something. 

.  Be cautious about including commercial or promotional content, people are looking to be entertained first.

. Don’t forget to show your product.  You can get caught up in the wow factor and forget the main point of your video.

Viral Video Features To Boost Views

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Using viral video features can greatly increase the visibility of your online content.

Viral Video

Using the correct tags and descriptions is the main way you will be found by viewers. The first step towards being viral (after uploading, of course) is to label and place your video in such a way that it will be easily found by your target market. Correctly tagging a video can also assist the content in appearing in the “similar video” sidebar, exposing it to greater numbers of potential viewers.

Advanced-sharing tools allows the video to be shared via social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter or MySpace. These types of sites are rife with shared content which quickly circulates the massive amount of users. Creating great videos that are shared via social media ensure great exposure.

Tips for Effective Marketing Using Viral Videos

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Effective Dialogue

To effectively market viral videos try these tips:

.  Channeling is an effective was to categorize videos.  Posting in a specific channel for your product will drive traffic to other videos for your brand.

.  Providing a comments area allows for open dialogue, people love to give their opinion and it would provide great feedback.  Take constructive criticism on rebuttal videos.

. Displaying the view count is good to show as it is an indicator of the success of the video and people love to go with a winner.

. Keep clips under 5 minutes, ideally set up a series of clips that are from 10-15 seconds.  People have short attention spans and if you can grab their interest they will look at subsequent clips.

. Make sure the video is interesting, entertaining and even provocative; it has to have the “wow factor” for people to want to pass it on to others.

Five Affiliate Marketing Pitfalls To Avoid

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Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

When engaging in Affiliate Marketing, you should try to avoid these 5 pitfalls:

1. Don’t be sneaky: There’s nothing that angers a potential customer and ensures they won’t return to your site or engage in business with you like tricky marketing. Affiliate marketing offers certain opportunities for shady alliances. Don’t be tempted to go down this route. Though slightly easier at times, shady marketing techniques never pay off is sustained dividends. 

2. Don’t market in a way that you wouldn’t want to be marketed to: If you hate pop-up ads, chances are that your potential customers or visitors do, too. Using annoying tactis like pop-up ads just angers potential customers, it doesn’t make them any more likely to do business with you. 
3. Discount affiliate marketing: By turning a blind eye to the world of affiliate marketing, you could be losing out on great benefits. While it may not be suitable to every single site or business, you still owe it to yourself to explore the possibilities. 
4. Stay away from new technology: It is important to follow the trends that your potential customers are following. You need to be where they are, even if it involves a technology you’re not comfortable with. 
5. Form alliances with just anyone: Pick your partners carefully because they become an extension of your company’s image. 

Why Businesses Cannot Ignore SEO Anymore

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Businesses today are not governed by geographical boundaries. Of course, internet has made it possible. But as businesses compete in real world, they also need to compete on the World Wide Web to catch more eyeballs. Reasons are many – like a job listing website needs to attract more job seekers towards itself, failing which, companies will not list their jobs on this site and ultimately there would be no income for the website. The secret of attracting visitors lies in SEO, which can be in the form of content, social media marketing, viral marketing and other SEO techniques. This is of paramount importance for web based businesses. In case of traditional brick and mortar businesses, SEO of their website may be secondary, but if they want to increase their overseas client base, SEO is the only way forward.