Pitfalls to Avoid in Affiliate Marketing

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You will want to be sure that your affiliate uses methods of promoting your product that entice, rather than annoy customers.

In addition to taking into account some basic principles of affiliate marketing, there are a number of pitfalls into which one can fall which must be kept in mind:

  • Poor Affiliate Representation – It is highly important to choose an affiliate who is not only reputable but will help boost your company’s reputation as well.  Reputations can be damaged by unwise associations.
  • Affiliate’s Product or Service of Little Relevance – Part of the idea of affiliate marketing is to reach your target audience by expanding your reach to affiliates who will draw likely customers.  If the product or service that is the subject of your affiliate web site has little or no relation to yours, this eliminates the purpose of direct contact with your target audience.
  • Overly Lengthy Description – While information must be thorough and credible, visitors are not typically drawn to ads which contain lengthy and complicated text descriptions.
  • Over-Aggressive Approach – Some of the more aggressive advertising approaches such as pop-ups and spam will serve to turn away visitors rather than entice them.
  • SEO Titles and Descriptions – Never forget that any success of any advertising campaign depends heavily on your ability to utilize keywords, titles and descriptions that will allow search engine users to find your result.

Basic Principles of Affiliate Marketing

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You will want to choose an reputable affiliate who will be as attractive to potential clients as your own company.

As with any form of internet marketing, there are some basic principles to keep in mind for affiliate marketing:

  • Choose an Affiliate to Represent You – Remember that with affiliate marketing, your affiliate will be representing you, so choose an affiliate who will represent your company the way you want to be represented.
  • Choose an Affiliate Your Target Audience Will Visit – If your affiliate web site deals with a similar subject, you are more likely to reach your target audience.
  • Keep It Brief – Since users do not usually come to web pages to read or click on ads, you must catch their attention with few words, or through other methods such as unique graphics.
  • Unique and Thorough Description – The description you include for your page will be very important in making a genuine impression upon surfers who find your search engine result.
  • Credibility – Stick with an approach which will seem enticing, yet realistic and believable to consumers in any statements or claims made.

Affiliate Marketing as a Marketing Tool

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Pay-per-click adds incentive for your affiliates to help promote your product or service.

One way in which affiliate marketing can be used as an effective marketing tool is through what is known as “pay per click”.  “Pay per click” is a mode through which the web site which hosts a company’s advertisement receives payment from that company for every visitor who arrives on the company web site by clicking the advertisement on the affiliate site.

Another way in which affiliate marketing can be an effective marketing tool is by offering selective rates for certain products or services through affiliates.  An example of this could be a discount travel offer for a hotel, resort or casino business offered through a company such as Travelocity or Expedia.

How a Hotel Business Can Benefit from Affiliate Marketing

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An affiliate can help expand your audience by advertising special rates for your business.

A hotel business can benefit from online affiliate marketing by using discount travel websites such as Orbitz and Expedia.  Such services can help to not only attract more clientele with special rates but can help to expand the scale of the hotel’s marketing by advertising their services on a variety of websites where visitors may be likely to be interested in vacation packages and hotel rates, such as a website about a local attraction or about local history.  There are a wide variety of different places where advertising for this kind of service can be effective, and travel sites such as Orbitz and Expedia can help potential clients mentally associate the idea of a vacation with the hotel name.

Five Bad Things To Avoid When It Comes to Affiliate Marketing

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Keep your affiliates in sharp focus to ensure an effective campaign

If you don’t want your affiliate marketing campaign to implode, then there are a few things you should try to avoid: first, do not include affiliates who are spammers, or who host malicious things like viruses; second, do not concentrate on a highly-specialized audience, it’s good to extend exposure to the outer fringes of the target audience; third, do not offer affiliate marketing opportunities to any website, only those that have consistently high amounts of traffic; forth, do not associate with negative websites, or things that aren’t good for your company’s reputation; fifth, do not use the same ad on every affiliates website as this may condition people to ignore it once they’ve seen it a dozen times.

Two Routes of Profitable Affiliate Marketing

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They're are definite perks to affiliate marketing

There are a great many routes to take when it comes to affiliate marketing; however, two of the best ways to turn the process into a profitable process is by offering non-gamers a chance to get involved with the game, and by extending benefits through mediums that generally attract hardcore gamers. By having ads that have to do with the movie that the game is based on, people who liked the movie (or the actors in it) will be more-than-likely candidates to play the game. Offering special deals to gamers makes them feel like an insider, which could facilitate a loyal public who buys a million units on pre-order when the sequel hits the shelves.

How the Gaming Industry Could Benefit From Affiliate Marketing

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Affiliate marketing could attract unexpected customers

The gaming industry could benefit from affiliate marketing by attracting people that wouldn’t normally appreciate certain game genres to their products. Affiliate marketing would spread the word through extraneous sources that may not necessarily have anything to do with the game, but more so to do with the platform or genre of it. By exposing non-gamers to the product, more people may potentially pursue an interest in it, which could result in more sales. By posting ads on websites that have to do with the bands that play on the games soundtracks (for instance) the game developer may persuade hardcore fans to buy a game that their favorite band supports.

What to Avoid Doing When Using Affiliate Marketing

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.  Do not spam, people don’t like to receive uninvited information, this type of affiliate marketing strategy is annoying to potential customers and they will most likely delete it without giving it a thought.

.  Make your product sound authentic, explain why your product is the best and avoid misleading comments.

.  When partnering with an affiliate who uses rewards programs make sure they are reliable, you don’t want to get involved with someone who doesn’t provide what they promise

.  Do not use pop-ups; people are apt to close them without even reading what they say as they are an annoyance.

.  Do not use generic content, if your audience deems the content has nothing unique about it they won’t read further.

Effective Web Marketing Tips Using Affiliate Marketing

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Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing

.  Make sure your content appeals to a broad range of potential clients so they will click through your ad to check out your product.  Short, concise descriptions and compelling statements with eye-catching images are best.

.  Have a good description in your SEO title so it will come up when searched; make it the best option to choose when the client has a choice of many.

.  Keywords, descriptions and titles must be relevant to what you are selling in order to be found through search engines.

.  Find websites that are similar to yours in order to reach the target audience you have in mind. 

.  Associate with only websites you can trust and that have a good reputation, they don’t have to be the biggest but they should be well connected to give you the most exposure you can get.

Affiliate Marketing as an Effective Marketing Tool

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compare prices

Compare Prices

eBay has a business model that shows Affiliate Marketing at its best you list you item on their site and they take a percentage of whatever you sell. They give you the exposure to the world and you provide the product.  For little or no money up front in advertising you are seen by a global audience.

Comparison shopping is a great way to be exposed to a wide variety of customers as your product would come up in a search for a similar product giving the client a choice in what they purchase beyond what they entered in their original search.