Viral Videos as a Marketing Tool

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Facebook's video sharing feature is just one example of how viral videos can be advantageously utilized for internet marketing.

Two features of viral videos which make them a valuable marketing tool are the ability to post videos at no cost on sites such as YouTube, and the ability to share those videos at no cost through social networks.  If the video title, tags and description are implemented effectively, the video will be easily found and receive more traffic on sites such as YouTube.  Additionally, many of those who find the video appealing or interesting may decide to share the video using social networks such as Facebook or Twitter, which will help expand the audience of any company advertising by using viral videos at no extra cost for advertising resources.  With the advent of major video sharing sites and social networks, your audience can become one of your best advertising resources at no cost to you.

What to consider in Twitter writing

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There are many things to consider when Tweeting

There are several things people should keep in mind when writing for Twitter.  Because tweets can only be 140 characters, tweets should be as succinct as possible.  Tweets should also be relevant to the specific goals of the company who owns the account.  Writers should be aware of their posting schedule; too many posts could lead to people unfollowing the account, and too little posts could lead to people losing interest.  Writers need to be aware of the feedback their tweets receive, as these are some of the most direct and concise responses to marketing one can get.  Lastly, writers should be aware of the people trying to engage in dialogue with the account and try to actively engage their followers.

Tips for Twitter marketing

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Tweet effectively with these tips

While a simple social media tool to use, there are a few guidelines one should follow when using Twitter.  Tweets should be scheduled in a way that does not overwhelm followers’ Twitter feeds.  Tweets should be used to primarily promote positive news and link to any relevant sites.  Twitter can be used effectively as a live reporting tool during events and meetings.  Engaging followers is also a great way to maintain a loyal following; dialogue allows followers to feel included in a company’s mission and culls positive responses.  Tweets should, of course, be used to link to a main site; if people are following a company on Twitter, links to the company’s website will surely be clicked, driving traffic to the site.

Ways Twitter can be used as a marketing tool

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Twitter marketing is often very simple

One way Twitter can be used as a marketing tool is by using it as a newsfeed for all internal and external news about a company.  Twitter’s format allows news to be disseminated quickly and easily to both followers and casual observers.  This allows a company to supply followers with a steady stream of media attention pertaining exclusive to itself.  Twitter’s privacy settings also allow companies to use the site as a way to offer incentives to followers.  By making tweets private, companies can provide exclusive content or offers to followers, thereby rewarding them for following a company’s account and potentially boasting their number of followers.

Benefits of Twitter in the music industry

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Twitter can offer a lot of marketing benefits

A music label could substantially benefit from using Twitter.  There are many things that could be posted using Twitter’s simple format: new bands signed; news and reviews of albums released by the label; tour dates of bands signed to the label; and news related either directly or indirectly to the label.  Bands signed to the label could also provide updates through the label’s Twitter account.  It would also provide the label with an easy platform to interact directly with fans through @ replies.  This would allow questions and comments to be received easily, and rapid, personalized responses to be given.

What to avoid in social media marketing

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Many social media mistakes can be easily avoided

One thing marketers should do when using social media is avoid making fake pages to promote products.  Being disingenuous can only lead to problems down the line.  Marketers should not try to gather followers with lengthy posts, as people do not use social media for these reasons.  Posts should be brief and try to encourage people to join a page or group.  Marketers shouldn’t stick to one method of posting because it can quickly become boring and turn off followers.  Marketers also shouldn’t be overwhelming with posts; filling up someone’s newsfeed can be distasteful to some.  Marketers should avoid isolating social media sites from one another; some people might not be aware of a Twitter page if they’re on Facebook.

Social Media marketing tips

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These tips apply to most social media sites

One of the most important tips in effective social media marketing is to appear genuine.  There are many cases of fake profiles being created and exploiting people’s trust, often with poor results in the long run.  Marketing should be kept as concise as possible, as people do not use social media sites for lengthy reports and news.  Marketing should be focused simply on getting people to join a group or page, not selling the entire company, product, or service.  All important information should be relegated to a page or group, and the page or group should be made in a way that encourages viewers to explore the page or group.  Finally, while posting is easy, it can quickly get repetitive and stale.  Posting a variety of content will keep members interested in posts.

Mistakes to Avoid in Social Media Marketing

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Before posting an ad on a social media or networking site, it is important to give it the polish and organization that not just any individual with internet acces can make, and also to make certain that it is reaching its legal target audience.

Mistakes to Avoid in Social Media Marketing, #1: Overcomplicating Your Introduction – Almost no user of Facebook or any similar social networking site comes to the site to shop or to be solicited.  No user is going to want to read a complicated and jumbled body of text on a News Feed or in a comment box or message box that does not have a quick introductory appeal.  Keep the introductory hook short rather than attempting to elaborate within your introduction, and save the more thorough information for your page for those who visit.

Mistakes to Avoid in Social Media Marketing, #2: Lack of Page Organization – If information on your company or organization page is jumbled and it is difficult for the potential client to find the information they are looking for, they will not be likely to return or recommend your page to a friend than if the page is neatly sorted into easy-to-understand topics and links.

Mistakes to Avoid in Social Media Marketing, #3: Ignoring Your Base – Remember that on a social networking site such as Facebook, your base is one of your biggest assets when it comes to spreading word about your company or organization, so it is imperative to keep those who are already clients or partners engaged with updates about any new products or services which may be relevant to their interests.  Without your base of followers on any social networking site, the advantage of using a social networking site for advertising becomes severely diminished.

Mistakes to Avoid in Social Media Marketing, #4: Repetitive Style – After some time, using the same exact format for posted updates will begin to make it seem as if the same post is being published again and again.  If this is the case, members of your base will not likely see reason to keep returning to your page or continue spreading the word to friends if they perceive as though there is nothing new or exciting enough of which to take notice.

Mistakes to Avoid in Social Media Marketing, #5: Lack of Attention to Detail – In presenting your company or organization on a social networking site such as Facebook, it is crucial to maintain a highly polished appearance on all fronts.  Lack of attention to detail in the form of grammatical errors, jumbled words or information not only says to the potential customer that the company may lack the same attention to detail in their product or service, but can make it more difficult to distinguish from a false page or profile.

Tips for Social Media Marketing

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Your base of followers and clients is one of the most valuable assets you will have in social media marketing.

Tips for Social Media Marketing, #1: Straightforward Presentation – Any company or organization looking to promote a name or brand on Facebook must use extra care in how they convey who they are and what they do.  The presentation must be clear and succinct in its appeal to give an impression of legitimacy and credibility.

Tips for Social Media Marketing, #2: Keep Introductory Hook Simple – It is important to remember that most Facebook users do not come to the website to shop for products or services in deciding how one’s ad or post should appear.  Users will be far more likely to click on an ad or post which uses simple and brief language with effective appeal than one with a lengthy or confusing description.

Tips for Social Media Marketing, #3: Organize Your Page – With the knowledge that those who visit your page are those who have already shown enough interest to click a link to it, your company or organization page is where you keep the essential information that will give a clear outline of who your organization is and what they do.  The page should be neatly organized easily navigable with visible links to allow those who want to find out more information to find exactly what they are looking for easily.

Tips for Social Media Marketing, #4: Stylistic Variety – To keep your audience interested, adding some level of variety to your posts is usually advisable.  Some examples of adding variety could include using different Facebook features and media.  This helps to give an impression that your company or organization will continue to put the same level of effort for its product or service as it appeared to the user on their first visit to your page.

Tips for Social Media Marketing, #5: Maintain a Polished Appearance – The quality of any representation of your company or organization for many users indicates a corresponding quality of substance, so attention to detail in how you present your company is critical.

The Future of Marketing on the Internet

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Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing is a young field and will grow exponentially in the coming years.  It has changed the way marketing is done with the advent of Internet Affiliate Marketing, Social Media, Viral Videos, and SEM/SEO.  Marketing on the Internet allows for tracking of marketing campaigns and collects valuable client information for later use. 

Affiliate Marketing
.  Done with very little effort as websites become more sophisticated and search engines allow more options for precise searches.
.  Comparison shopping allows exposure to a wide variety of customers while searching for similar products.
.  Connect with similar websites in order to reach the target audience. 

Social Media
Capitalize on human nature through such sites as Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and Twitter. 
.  Companies tap into a huge pool of clients by being referred through networks of friends and associates.
.  The fan feature automatically sends posts.
Forums allow the exchange ideas and opinions. 

Viral Videos
Viral sharing websites such as You Tube, Live Leak, Job Jab and Google Video provide limitless exposure, if the video is particularly good it will be forwarded. 
.  Provide comments area for open dialogue, use constructive criticism.
. Create interesting, entertaining and provocative video.

Web Design and Multimedia
.  Easy navigation and great content writing will direct the user.   
.  Images draw attention and explain your product. 
.  Use short and concise relevant video to attract clients. 
.  Integrate the brand with interactive features allowing the visitor to be a part of the experience. 
.  Use descriptive text on the landing page to draw the visitor in. 
.  Be visible to search engines, use SEO techniques to score high rankings and use descriptive text on every page.
.  Advertise on other sites with a video link to your site.
.  Statistically people read 28 percent of the words on a web visit, captivate the reader.

Press Releases
.  Communicate through blogs. 
.  Keep client base up to date with just one communiqué. 
.  Videos can be incorporated or links to other pertinent sites for information. 
.  Photographs will inform your audience about what you are writing about with a glance.

.  Utilize programs to help in the selection of keywords or keyword phrases to get high page rankings. 
.  Well-written, engaging content is what drives people and search engine crawlers to a website. 
.  Connect with the audience to pull them in.

WordPress formats posts beautifully and is free and easy to use making it a great tool for blogging.  It allows for simple incorporation of images, videos and links to other sites. 
.  Be brief and provide links, do not add too many keywords.
.  Categorize and tag posts correctly. 
.  Insert relevant large images and videos to convey your message. 
.  Write about unique and interesting topics.  Keep it fresh, current and compelling.  Enjoy what you are writing about.