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We are looking for interns or people who have dreamt of being in the industry in multiple states and cities. Searching for aspiring bloggers, journalist, interviewers,broadcasting and future publicist.


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Five tips for effective web design

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Site designers should always keep these tips in mind

Make sure the site utilizes a consistent style for all the pages in the website.  This will give the site cohesion as well as make navigation easier for the user.  The content of the site should be focused, have substantive value, and be targeted for users.  A site should be user-friendly no matter what the purpose or content is.  User-friendliness should be one of the primary goals of the site.  A site should be built to be compatible with all web browsers.  Lastly, a site should prioritize its visibility on all major search engines.  Good quality SEO should be a major factor when building a site to ensure maximum visibility.

Preparation Tips for a Successful SEO Press Release

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A strong knowledge of the fundamentals of SEO and press release writing are both essentials in preparing a successful SEO press release.

SEO Press Release Preparation Tips, #1: Simplicity of Style — Above all, the writing style of any SEO press release must be kept simple and understandable to consumers.  It should use language with which consumers within the target group would most likely be familiar, rather than jargon or any other style which would potentially lead the consumer to perceive as if it were over their head or foreign to them.  The press release must be inviting rather than potentially alienating to the consumer.

SEO Press Release Preparation Tips, #2: Stylistic Appeal — The first 250 words of a press release should be given particular focus in attempting to gain the interest of the consumer, and must include an appropriate variety of clickable links to other important areas of the website that give a friendly impression of easy accessibility to the consumer.

SEO Press Release Preparation Tips, #3: Keyword Research is a Must — In order to successfully gain visibility on search engines, a content writer must not only include relevant keywords, but must choose keywords which members of a target audience would be likely to use in searching for the product or company which is the subject of the press release.

SEO Press Release Preparation Tips, #4: Keyword Distribution — The content writer must additionally ensure that all keywords are included within the headline, sub-headlines and be kept in close proximity to one another within the text of the headline.

SEO Press Release Preparation Tips, #5: Keyword Formatting and Links — The most important keywords should not only be written in bold formatting, but should include anchor text links in order to link consumers to the relevant page on the company website.

The Most Important Steps in Preparing an SEO Press Release

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Thorough research and effective distribution of keywords are both integral to making your press release more visible in search engine results.

In the process of writing and preparing an SEO press release, arguably the most important step one must perform before all else is keyword research.  The individual preparing the SEO press release must identify a set of keywords both relevant to the subject of the press release and which are commonly searched by consumers within the target audience.  In doing this the individual preparing the SEO press release must designate at least one primary keyword and one (if not several) secondary keywords. 

Second, the keywords in the SEO Press Release must be distributed such that the web page will be easily found by consumers plugging the name of the brand or product into a search engine.  If the keywords are not properly distributed within the headline, sub-headlines and text of a piece, any effort to increase visibility on search engines will be undermined. 

Finally, the SEO Press Release must be written in a style which is both appealing and easily understandable to the target consumer group.  The writing must be easy to follow for the reader in order to give the reader the impression that the company who this piece represents is willing to make the effort to communicate information about their products and offers clearly and understandably to consumers.

Reasons to Prepare an SEO Press Release

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The "Red Ring of Death" hardware failure that plagued many Xbox 360 consoles became so notoriously prevalent that it began to jeopardize the confidence of consumers in the product. As a result, hardware developers have made chipsets for the machine run increasingly cooler in hopes of improved reliability. For any company facing such an issue, rapid and clear communication of news about product improvement to correct the issue is crucial.

One instance in which an SEO press release would need to be prepared would when a company which manufactures video game consoles makes an update to their hardware which significantly improves the reliability of the machine.  Take the real life example of Microsoft and their Xbox 360 consoles.  For years after their initial release, the Xbox 360 consoles were notorious for a hardware failure known as the “Red Ring of Death,” a term originating from the ring of red lights which would display on the front of a console which had ceased to function.  One major cause of this hardware failure which has often been cited is the machine’s tendency to overheat due in large part to its high level of power usage.  Further into the production cycle, Microsoft’s developers produced new chipsets which used less and less power, reducing the chances of the machine overheating.  Each new chipset has been met with anticipation that it would solve the problem for good, but none has yet proven to make the machine RRoD-proof.  Still, as developers continue development of the latest chipsets, it is important for potential consumers who may be wary of reliability issues to know that the product they purchase is constructed with the latest, most efficient and most reliable hardware.  When the company finally makes that step in development which resolves the issue, communicating this to the public as quickly and as clearly as possible is key to limiting the effect of any past PR damage which may affect future business, and it getting across to consumers and media that the issue is no longer something demanding concern.

Advantages of an SEO Press Release Versus a Traditional Press Release

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One advantage of an SEO press release over a traditional press release is that it can be distributed directly to consumers whereas a Traditional Press Release would need the approval of an editor, publisher or media outlet.

An SEO press release and a traditional press release differ in that an SEO press release is distributed directly to where it can be seen by readers on the internet whereas a traditional press release would need the approval of an editor or other media agency before it would have the chance to be seen by members of its target audience.  Because they are distributed directly to where they will be seen by readers, SEO press releases are written in a manner designed to incorporate common search habits of the target audience in order to generate as high-ranking, and as many results on Search Engine Result Pages as possible.

Tips for Aspiring SEO Writers

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keyword proximity

If I were to give tips to an aspiring SEO writer, I would assert that the most important element of SEO writing is that it reads naturally.  An SEO writer can follow all the right steps involving keywords, but if the writing does not integrate these in seamless way readers will be turned off and search engine spiders will ignore the content, as they are trained to think and read based on human models.  The next tip I would give is to make sure keyword research is utilized.  It’s vital to understand how keywords are being ranked by search engines, and where the targeted sites fall within these rankings.  I would also suggest that they use keyword prominence and proximity to the fullest extent.  These two techniques enable a writer to use keywords more dynamically and more often.

Steps to writing an SEO friendly article

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seo friendlyWriting an SEO-friendly article requires a few key steps.  First, you would need to do keyword research to determine the search volume of the keyword or keywords.  Keyword research would also show you where your targeted site is ranked compared to other sites utilizing the same keywords in search sites like Google and Bing.  Keyword proximity would be the next factor; you would want to make sure keywords are placed in the headline of the article, as well as the URL and page title.  Keyword density and frequency would be other important considerations.  While you want to avoid sounding redundant, repetitious, or unnatural, it’s important to include keywords with a high density and frequency, since both factors are pivotal to search engine algorithms.

What to Avoid Doing When Using Affiliate Marketing

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.  Do not spam, people don’t like to receive uninvited information, this type of affiliate marketing strategy is annoying to potential customers and they will most likely delete it without giving it a thought.

.  Make your product sound authentic, explain why your product is the best and avoid misleading comments.

.  When partnering with an affiliate who uses rewards programs make sure they are reliable, you don’t want to get involved with someone who doesn’t provide what they promise

.  Do not use pop-ups; people are apt to close them without even reading what they say as they are an annoyance.

.  Do not use generic content, if your audience deems the content has nothing unique about it they won’t read further.

Fundamentals of Keywords for SEO-Friendly Content Writing

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A strong knowledge of keyword fundamentals is essential to driving up your result upward in the Search Engine Ranking Pages.

In order to create an SEO-friendly article, it is essential to know not only which keywords to choose, but how to where distribute your chosen keywords within the text of your article.  In addition to the frequency of keyword use within your article, knowing where to place the keywords as well as utilizing keyword research in making your choice of which keywords to use are no less important factors in creating an SEO-friendly article. 

To begin creating your SEO-friendly article, it is strongly advisable to perform research on commonly searched keywords using tools such as Hitwise Search Intelligence or Trellian’s Keyword Discovery.  A free keyword research tool is also offered by Google Adwords.

While including keywords frequently within the text of your SEO-friendly article is essential, it is never advisable to attempt to excessively jam the article with repetitive use of keywords simply in order to attract the attention of search engine web crawlers.  Current search engines are generally programmed to pick up keywords within a context that follows a natural structure of human thought.  It is generally agreed by the bulk of SEO experts that keywords should appear 2 to 3 times within a 400-word article in order to make the Keyword Density of an article SEO-friendly. 

Two additional fundamentals of creating an SEO-friendly article are those of Keyword Proximity, and of Keyword Prominence.  In order to fulfill the requirements of Keyword Proximity and of Keyword Prominence, careful placement of keywords is critical.  It is agreed that, in addition to appearing within the title, title tags, and any sub-titles within the piece, the primary keyword must be used within the first sentence—and should be repeated with consistency at regular intervals—and must still operate within the context of the meaning of the article and must be woven within the text in such a manner that it does not interfere with the simplicity with which any potential reader can follow and understand the overall piece.