Pitfalls to Avoid in Affiliate Marketing

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You will want to be sure that your affiliate uses methods of promoting your product that entice, rather than annoy customers.

In addition to taking into account some basic principles of affiliate marketing, there are a number of pitfalls into which one can fall which must be kept in mind:

  • Poor Affiliate Representation – It is highly important to choose an affiliate who is not only reputable but will help boost your company’s reputation as well.  Reputations can be damaged by unwise associations.
  • Affiliate’s Product or Service of Little Relevance – Part of the idea of affiliate marketing is to reach your target audience by expanding your reach to affiliates who will draw likely customers.  If the product or service that is the subject of your affiliate web site has little or no relation to yours, this eliminates the purpose of direct contact with your target audience.
  • Overly Lengthy Description – While information must be thorough and credible, visitors are not typically drawn to ads which contain lengthy and complicated text descriptions.
  • Over-Aggressive Approach – Some of the more aggressive advertising approaches such as pop-ups and spam will serve to turn away visitors rather than entice them.
  • SEO Titles and Descriptions – Never forget that any success of any advertising campaign depends heavily on your ability to utilize keywords, titles and descriptions that will allow search engine users to find your result.

Basic Principles of Affiliate Marketing

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You will want to choose an reputable affiliate who will be as attractive to potential clients as your own company.

As with any form of internet marketing, there are some basic principles to keep in mind for affiliate marketing:

  • Choose an Affiliate to Represent You – Remember that with affiliate marketing, your affiliate will be representing you, so choose an affiliate who will represent your company the way you want to be represented.
  • Choose an Affiliate Your Target Audience Will Visit – If your affiliate web site deals with a similar subject, you are more likely to reach your target audience.
  • Keep It Brief – Since users do not usually come to web pages to read or click on ads, you must catch their attention with few words, or through other methods such as unique graphics.
  • Unique and Thorough Description – The description you include for your page will be very important in making a genuine impression upon surfers who find your search engine result.
  • Credibility – Stick with an approach which will seem enticing, yet realistic and believable to consumers in any statements or claims made.

Affiliate Marketing as a Marketing Tool

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Pay-per-click adds incentive for your affiliates to help promote your product or service.

One way in which affiliate marketing can be used as an effective marketing tool is through what is known as “pay per click”.  “Pay per click” is a mode through which the web site which hosts a company’s advertisement receives payment from that company for every visitor who arrives on the company web site by clicking the advertisement on the affiliate site.

Another way in which affiliate marketing can be an effective marketing tool is by offering selective rates for certain products or services through affiliates.  An example of this could be a discount travel offer for a hotel, resort or casino business offered through a company such as Travelocity or Expedia.

How a Hotel Business Can Benefit from Affiliate Marketing

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An affiliate can help expand your audience by advertising special rates for your business.

A hotel business can benefit from online affiliate marketing by using discount travel websites such as Orbitz and Expedia.  Such services can help to not only attract more clientele with special rates but can help to expand the scale of the hotel’s marketing by advertising their services on a variety of websites where visitors may be likely to be interested in vacation packages and hotel rates, such as a website about a local attraction or about local history.  There are a wide variety of different places where advertising for this kind of service can be effective, and travel sites such as Orbitz and Expedia can help potential clients mentally associate the idea of a vacation with the hotel name.

What to Consider in Writing for Twitter

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With the accessibility of Twitter in any profession comes an equivalent level of responsibility to maintain a sense of professionalism which, when not recognized, can have very real consequences. The NBA league judicial process in the suspension of NBA star Gilbert Arenas for the remainder of this season following a highly publicized gun incident was expedited by the above Twitter statements posted on his account, according to NBA commissioner David Stern.

Points to Consider When Writing for Twitter, #1: Is Your Tweet Pertinent? – Although Twitter allows companies large and small a similar capability of having a voice online, it is important to know when to use that voice because the accessibility of Twitter allows practically anyone to post anything they choose.  You will want to be certain that your posts are done with strong purpose and appeal which will keep followers engaged.

Points to Consider When Writing for Twitter, #2: Do Not Flood Followers With Repetitive Posts – Once you have your followers, it is your job to make sure that you keep them up to date with all the latest information they may want to know.  In doing this, however, it is important to save your updates for the important points.  You do not want to flood your followers with repetitive, unnecessary or irrelevant posts that will begin to seem like junk mail rather than anything useful to the followers.  As with almost any mailing list or subscription service, users can choose to “un-follow” your feed, so try to stick to what is worthwhile to your followers.

Points to Consider When Writing for Twitter, #3: Keep It Professional – Although Twitter’s SMS style may seem to add some room for a tone of informality in communicating with consumers and business partners, it is never wise to say something over Twitter or any social media network which you would not say in the office.  Keep in mind that unnecessary, foolish or inappropriate posts can have real consequences.  One example which can be cited was the season-ending suspension of NBA star Gilbert Arenas in the midst of a highly publicized incident involving unloaded guns in the Washington Wizards team locker room.  NBA league commissioner David Stern cited Arenas’ Twitter posts in which he joked about and mocked the seriousness of the incident among the reasons for changing his indefinite suspension of Arenas to a season-ending suspension immediately following his posts.  Remember you are affecting your company’s image with every word of what you publish, so there is no room for any unprofessional, foolish, or inappropriate content whatsoever.

Points to Consider When Writing for Twitter, #4: Advantages of Positive Press – Twitter is one of the most effective tools for reputation management because it allows for links to positive press coverage, reports and reviews to be sent to a greater number of clientele more directly, more accessibly and more quickly than ever before.  This can be especially helpful in an instance where a company may need to patch up its reputation after an issue with a product and let the consumers know that their concerns have been addressed.

Points to Consider When Writing service for Twitter, #5: Use a Pleasant Tone – In having a new way to have an active dialogue with your clientele comes a responsibility to interact with the customer with basic customer service etiquette.  Their needs are your concern, and you want to convey that through language which creates a friendly and approachable tone with which customers can more easily communicate in voicing their concerns and providing constructive and honest feedback.

Useful Facebook Features for a Charity Organization

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The News Feed feature of Facebook is one which can prove a useful tool for charity organizatons.

Two particular Facebook features which can be useful for a charity organization are the Fan Page and the News Feed.  The Fan Page provides a direct mode through which a charity organization can establish a network of its base of volunteers and supporters.  This can be an especially effective way to gain visibility when a member of the organization’s fan base displays a link to the Fan Page for that organization on their profile page, which in turn can be seen by all of that person’s friends when they visit his or her page.  The News Feed can also be effective because it can bring additional visitors who may not see the page displayed on a particular person’s profile, but will be drawn to the page out of curiosity when they see a snippet on the News Feed that one of their friends has become involved in the cause.

Five Tips for Effective Multimedia Writing

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Designing an interface which allows the potential customer to explore different features of a service and understand how it works can be a very effective marketing tool.

Tips for Effective Multimedia Writing, #1: Visibility – Be sure to place your ad on the page where it can be easily stumbled upon by the site visitor, and make sure that it is large and clear enough so that the visitor can easily see what the ad intends.

Tips for Effective Multimedia Writing, #2: Get to the Point – Most surfers do not read the text on a page so much as they scan when they first arrive for items that appeal to their interest.  The ad must use as few words as necessary to send its message in a clear and succinct manner to quickly hook the potential client’s interest.

Tips for Effective Multimedia Writing, #3: Don’t Force Feed – Using aggressive approaches such as pop-up ads can not only give a negative impression by annoying the consumer, but can drive them away from the site if the ad interferes with their ability to browse the site with ease.

Tips for Effective Multimedia Writing, #4: Subtle Enticement – Throwing your entire sales pitch arsenal at the customer off the bat will most likely serve to annoy rather than hook the user.  It is more advantageous to use an ad which is subtly enticing on the surface and uses interactive features to allow the user to have more input in terms of what they will get out of the ad.  This will serve to engage the customer and can be used to address the question of why they should care about the services your company offers.

Tips for Effective Multimedia Writing, #5: The Technical Context – No promotion can be effective if the multimedia of the ads interferes with the overall function of the site.  If the ad creates long load times for the entire page or navigates slowly or awkwardly, most users will not hang around for very long.  The ad must work within a technical context that allows the main site to operate as smoothly as it normally would, and any interactive features must be able to function with likewise efficiency.

Approaches to Avoid in Multimedia Advertising

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Pop-up ads are a classic approach to avoid in web advertising. They have become notorious for their annoyance factor, and most current browsers now block them.

In designing a multimedia advertisement to visibly stand out on a web page, it is crucial that an internet marketer know which approaches add to the appeal of their promotion and which to avoid that would serve to annoy or drive away site visitors.  A classic approach to avoid would be the pop-up ad.  Pop-up ads have become so notorious for annoying users and interfering with browsing that many web browsers are now designed to block them out.  Another potentially annoying approach when dealing with multimedia advertising would be an ad which blasts its audio loudly every time the page loads, and even moreso when the ad appears on every page of the site.  While this kind of approach may be a good way for visitors to notice the presence of the ad, the fact that it serves to annoys the visitor at first impression has a highly counterproductive effect when it comes to appeal.  In a similar fashion, those aggressive approaches in which the advertiser throws everything in their arsenal in the user’s face and do not make an impression other than annoying or superficial do not help to pique the curiosity of potential clients in most cases.

Benefits of Effective Web Design for a Company Website

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Effective web design can help a dealer of musical instruments appeal more strongly to those who may not be as familiar with differences in products as an experienced musician.

For a dealer of musical instruments, effective web design is essential not only for allowing company website users to easily access the page or listing related to a particular product they may be looking for, but can work to increase customer satisfaction after the fact and lead customers to keep coming back.  The site must be kept thorough and up to date in cataloging and providing detail about every product which they sell, and must also be easily navigable for customers.  The navigabiliy of the company website must be kept friendly to users who may not know in exactly what category to find a specific product, possibly because they are not entirely familiar with the significance of certain differences between and terms describing a particular instrument or accessory.  In addition to helping guide the user to the product in which they are interested, the site must offer information about the products that can be understood by a novice that may help them determine the advantage or disadvantage of choosing one product versus another.  When the customer is able to easily find a product and information they can understand about that product, the chance of the customer being highly satisfied with their end of the deal and continuing to do business with the dealer becomes greatly more favorable.

Reasons to Prepare an SEO Press Release

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The "Red Ring of Death" hardware failure that plagued many Xbox 360 consoles became so notoriously prevalent that it began to jeopardize the confidence of consumers in the product. As a result, hardware developers have made chipsets for the machine run increasingly cooler in hopes of improved reliability. For any company facing such an issue, rapid and clear communication of news about product improvement to correct the issue is crucial.

One instance in which an SEO press release would need to be prepared would when a company which manufactures video game consoles makes an update to their hardware which significantly improves the reliability of the machine.  Take the real life example of Microsoft and their Xbox 360 consoles.  For years after their initial release, the Xbox 360 consoles were notorious for a hardware failure known as the “Red Ring of Death,” a term originating from the ring of red lights which would display on the front of a console which had ceased to function.  One major cause of this hardware failure which has often been cited is the machine’s tendency to overheat due in large part to its high level of power usage.  Further into the production cycle, Microsoft’s developers produced new chipsets which used less and less power, reducing the chances of the machine overheating.  Each new chipset has been met with anticipation that it would solve the problem for good, but none has yet proven to make the machine RRoD-proof.  Still, as developers continue development of the latest chipsets, it is important for potential consumers who may be wary of reliability issues to know that the product they purchase is constructed with the latest, most efficient and most reliable hardware.  When the company finally makes that step in development which resolves the issue, communicating this to the public as quickly and as clearly as possible is key to limiting the effect of any past PR damage which may affect future business, and it getting across to consumers and media that the issue is no longer something demanding concern.