SEO History: Search Engines Evaluations from W3Catalog to Google

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W3Catalog – Sep 2,1993:

The web’s first primitive search engine W3Catalog was released by Oscar Nierstrasz at the university of Geneva. Oscar wrote a series of Perl scripts that would periodically take the mirror images of the web pages and rewrite them into a standard format to form the basis for W3Catalog. This was the period that made statistics to come up with various SEO methodologies.


Google – Sep 4,1998:

Larry page and Sergey Brin founded Google when they were the students at Stanford University. On this day, Google was considered a first private held company that attracted more people towards search engines. Google plays a major role in developing and implementing the latest SEO technicalities.


SEO Strategy for Management Consulting Firms – Justified and Beyond Justified

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Introduction – Management Consulting:

Management consulting firms are such organizations that provide expertise advise to the organizations to improve their performance, by analyzing the existing problems and develop best practices. I prefer to implement ‘increase the prominence of a webpage’ SEO method for the firm’s website to help with the firm’s overall business strategy.

Increase the Prominence of a Webpage Method:

Using robots.txt file to make instructions for page crawling to work and the below methods  are known as the SEO method to increase the prominence of a webpage.

  • Linking multiple pages with the website to lead to the main page
  • Increasing the page’s prominence by posting them in social media platform
  • Including the contents links and keywords in blogs and articles

Linking the Web Pages:page links

Main page or ‘Home’ page of the website should have all the important information regarding the service practices the firm is involved. Next important page would be ‘contact us’ page. Apart from using SEO based keywords in the entire website, each page should have links to the ‘main page’ for reference and ‘contact us’ page for further communication to happen. This will help to increase the visits by pull methodology, rank high by the search engine and improve brand visibility.

Quality Content to Save Time and Money:

time and moneySearch Engine optimization result instantly in reverse broadcast networks. It is important that management consulting firms should have a quality content along with SEO based key words to spread awareness about their services, consultants and other related information. SEO based contents written in different blogs and websites can be linked to the main website to increase the number of visitors. These visitors can also become the potential customers.

Social Media Platform:Social Media

Creating account and profile in social media platforms such as linkedin, facebook, twitter and spoke. Surveys can be done via these platforms to increase the visibility among public. These social media platforms can have links to the main websites, so that readers automatically reach the firm for knowing how their consulting needs can be satisfied. Potential customers can also be kept in touch and updated on organizational changes and improvements via these social media platforms.


Implementing SEO methodology in the Management Consulting firm’s website can help with the firm’s overall business strategy.

Successful Professional Writing Career with SEO Expertise

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If the internet marketing writers want to succeed in their business, they need to think like statisticians. Only the best statistician can provide the value from the data source gathered. Understanding the concepts behind these data sources is necessary to greatly having an impact on the clients mind.

Keyword Concept:

Knowing the right keywords with the right ratio is very important for a writer to reach a higher level in the writing career. Strategic methodology developed while creating SEO based articles help the content to reach its goal of pulling more visitors. As a parent of the content, it is important that writers know how to deliver the article that can do this magic .


Pulling Crawlers and Visitors:

Understanding the importance of linking web pages, blogs and using social media platforms is very important for a writer to pull crawlers and visitors towards the main website. This is essential to increase the prominence of a webpage and bring crawler, in turn the potential customers to the business owner.

Prevent Crawling:

preventPreventing the search engine from crawling into certain pages is also an important aspect of SEO methodology. For example, if a webmaster wants to prevent search engine from crawling to the pages that are not printer friendly, he can opt for this SEO method to prevent visiting. It is important for a writers to understand this method so that they can determine which pages needed prevention.



If the writer wants to succeed with their writing, and earn consistently, it is important that they learn the concepts behind SEO.


Facebook Marketing Mistakes

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Facebook marketing no doubt has taken the world by storm. But as is the case with every other thing, mistakes are bound to happen while attempting something new. Go through the list given below to know some of the most common mistakes committed by Facebook Marketers.

  • Putting all Eggs in One Basket

If you have Facebook account, should you also have a Twitter account, a blog or a micro-website? If your answer is no, you are committing a mistake here. This is like putting all your eggs in one basket. Having multiple social media marketing platforms is always a good idea.

  • No Separate Profiles

Never mix social and business profiles together. People usually get turned off by a business profile on Facebook. Always maintain a personal and a professional profile simultaneously. Once people are into your personal profile, you can easily pull them towards your business profile.

  • No Integration

Integrating various social media marketing platforms is of utmost importance. It is always a good strategy to allow people using different social media platforms to cross reference you on various sites. Facebook is just one platform and you need to integrate others like Twitter, YouTube, and Blogs for effective social media marketing.

  • Static Information

Merely creating a profile and letting it go at that point is foolish. If new content is not added consistently, fans or followers are bound to think that you have abandoned the project. Thus adding new content regularly is important.

  • Being too Pushy

You need to realize that social media platforms will not work for you if you are just pushing the sales pitches towards the user. Rather you should make efforts in attracting them.

Candle Company Expanding

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I own and operate a scented candle company and have expanded my business to the web.  I realize, in doing my research, that there are a lot of scented candle companies out there and I need to stand out.  I need to make certain that the content in my website uses SEO techniques, in order to create more traffic to my site.  I want my potential customers to be able to find my site easily, and get to it quickly.  Separately, it’s vital to my business to gain exposure from other directions.  I want to make sure that I am linked in various ways, such as through companies that sell complimentary products and even through articles that have been written on scented candles.  I know I offer a quality product, I need to make sure the word gets out to as many people as possible, quickly and efficiently.

Building Solid Links to Your Site

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If you ask most SEO experts what the most difficult part of their internet marketing campaign is, most will tell you that it is link building. Link building is certainly not as easy as starting up a blog, conducting keyword research, optimizing pages on your site for search engines, setting up PPC campaigns, using social media sites, etc because all of these methods can be controlled. Other sites ultimately control what content goes on their sites and they have full control of whether they want to link to your site or not.

However, link building is certainly not impossible and if you put in the time and effort you can build high quality links over time. By high quality links, I mean links from reputable sites that contain your targeted keywords as the anchor text.

You can start by submitting your site to link directories which contain hundreds, if not thousands, of outbound links to sites from all industries. While these are back links that will be seen by search engines, they are not high quality links that will get you a first page ranking. One way to build valuable links is by building relationships with similar, yet non competing, sites and linking to their sites. By linking to another site, you are telling them that you like what you see and you are willing to refer visitors to them. This will likely result in them returning the favor, however it is certainly not guaranteed.

Press releases and article marketing is another good way to potentially build solid links to your website. If a press release is picked up by a few reputable online publications, it can generate some very high quality links to your site. Make sure that you optimize your press releases and include the proper links.

Other ways to build links that may be indirectly beneficial are YouTube videos, social media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. and commenting on other blogs. Even though links from these sites will contain “no follow” tags (which do not help your search engine ranking), they may encourage another site owners to link to you if they like what they see.

The most beneficial thing that you can do to increase the number of links to your site is to regularly update your site and provide high quality content which will make people want to link to you naturally. Get to work!

Search Engine Optimization Linking

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Being recognized organically through Google’s search engine is a lucrative way to maximize sales and revenue for your site. Advertising, using online marketing and link buildage is a great way to capitalize on building a customer base. When a site isn’t adequately linked to other sites in similar categories, their exposure value goes down, along with the sites page rank.

Although linkage is very important to grow a sites popularity, it’s also important to not just have links but quality links that’ll get you noticed. Collective Clicks specialists web marketing program have devised a plan of action that will not only build quality links for you but will rank you higher on the search engines as well.

There is no need to be bombarded by Googles strict regulations on rankings and online appeal. Link importance is more important than just having links dispersed throughout the internet. What’s the point of having hundreds of links if no one pays any attention to them? Quality links doesn’t happen overnight, it takes time and experimentation. Testing out different phrases and key word rich motives will structure your sites appeal greatly.