Keys to the Future of Internet Marketing

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True writing skill is one key to the future of internet marketing for which no technology can offer no substitute.

There are a number of aspects of internet marketing which will be centrally important to the future in how business continues to adapt to new modes and means of communication.  Although many elements of marketing will continue to change and adapt to new fronts on which to reach one’s target audience, raw skill for writing is one key for which there will never be a substitute.  The ability to creatively employ language in any format is something that cannot be imitated by any machine or program, but is inherently human.  This does not, however, mean that even those with a great level of writing skill will not meet new challenges in adapting to the new modes of advertising which are continuously coming about in modern business.

Even the most skilled writers will need to adjust in the future to the shift of business to the internet as will many other fronts of modern business for internet marketing.  Writers must constantly remain alert and open to re-formulating their approach and adapt to new methods as necessary.  Writing for internet marketing as it is today already differs widely from writing for traditional print writing in that writers must adapt their styles to incorporate the requirements of Search Engine Optimization, include commonly searched keywords and organize language back into a manner which flows as naturally as it would had they not needed to work within the context of SEO keyword and organization basics.

It can be argued that Search Engine Optimization is nearly, if not as much so, important to the future of internet marketing.  This is because no marketing campaign can be successful if it is not seen by a large target audience.  Without SEO—and with the wide and massive variety of content that exists on the web—it is nearly impossible for an advertising campaign to succeed without the investment of a massive amount of financial resources, because it is very difficult to make one’s advertising stand out enough to appear on search engines when there is so much similar content on the web.

Beyond SEO comes another essential principle which has been centrally important long before internet marketing and will continue to be just as much of a key in the future of internet marketing—presentation.  Whether marketing on one’s own web site or marketing through an affiliate, one must always pay close attention to how their company is being represented and what kind of impression it will make on the minds of viewers who stumble upon it.  It must have appealing language, a clever graphic, or something unique that sets it apart enough to pique the viewer’s curiosity enough so that the viewer will be curious to learn more about the product or service. By mastering the essentials of getting the word of your company’s product or service out, appealing to target audiences and maintaining a strong reputation among consumers, one can ensure a strong chance of commercial success in the future of internet marketing.

Affiliate Marketing as a Marketing Tool

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Pay-per-click adds incentive for your affiliates to help promote your product or service.

One way in which affiliate marketing can be used as an effective marketing tool is through what is known as “pay per click”.  “Pay per click” is a mode through which the web site which hosts a company’s advertisement receives payment from that company for every visitor who arrives on the company web site by clicking the advertisement on the affiliate site.

Another way in which affiliate marketing can be an effective marketing tool is by offering selective rates for certain products or services through affiliates.  An example of this could be a discount travel offer for a hotel, resort or casino business offered through a company such as Travelocity or Expedia.

How a Hotel Business Can Benefit from Affiliate Marketing

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An affiliate can help expand your audience by advertising special rates for your business.

A hotel business can benefit from online affiliate marketing by using discount travel websites such as Orbitz and Expedia.  Such services can help to not only attract more clientele with special rates but can help to expand the scale of the hotel’s marketing by advertising their services on a variety of websites where visitors may be likely to be interested in vacation packages and hotel rates, such as a website about a local attraction or about local history.  There are a wide variety of different places where advertising for this kind of service can be effective, and travel sites such as Orbitz and Expedia can help potential clients mentally associate the idea of a vacation with the hotel name.

Blogs as an Effective Marketing Tool

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For any company seeking to advertise using blogs, it is beneficial to seek blogs which deal with products the same as or similar to the kind they wish to advertise.

Blogs can be used as a marketing tool for advertisers seeking a more direct mode of communicating within their advertising campaign to their target audience of individuals interested in a company’s specific type of product or service.  This allows the advertiser more certainty that the type of product they are advertising is consistent with the potential client’s interests, rather than wasting resources for advertising where they will not appeal to the viewer.  Blogs can also be helpful for providing regular updates with information about new products, and by linking to additional resources which can provide the potential client with more thorough information should they want to research the product further before making a buying decision.

Advantages of an SEO Press Release Versus a Traditional Press Release

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One advantage of an SEO press release over a traditional press release is that it can be distributed directly to consumers whereas a Traditional Press Release would need the approval of an editor, publisher or media outlet.

An SEO press release and a traditional press release differ in that an SEO press release is distributed directly to where it can be seen by readers on the internet whereas a traditional press release would need the approval of an editor or other media agency before it would have the chance to be seen by members of its target audience.  Because they are distributed directly to where they will be seen by readers, SEO press releases are written in a manner designed to incorporate common search habits of the target audience in order to generate as high-ranking, and as many results on Search Engine Result Pages as possible.

The differences between tradition and SEO press releases

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There are a few key differences between tradition press releases and SEO press releases.  Traditional press releases involved PR firms distributing to editors at broadcasting networks and print media companies.  Distribution would happen through mail, fax, or email.  Editors would then release the information if they found it to be relevant and note-worthy.  With SEO press releases, companies do not need to rely on editors to make their announcements visible to the public.  Using proper SEO techniques, companies can have their announcements dominate search engine rankings and reach “viral” statuses without having a middle man determine the relevancy of the announcement, thereby guaranteeing that every press release can be made visible to the public.

How Car Industry Companies Could Benefit from Blogs

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A blog isn't expensive, even for a company with a lower budget

A company in the car industry could benefit from maintaining a blog because it would offer them a more substantial connection with their audience. Instead of blind-sighted television and radio ad campaigns, which fail to interact with the customer, a blog would offer a smarter, more efficient way to contact potentials, while maintaining strong customer loyalty. Offering specials to customers, and providing up-to-date news regarding all things having to do with their vehicles (whether it’s an unveiling or a recall), a blog is a cheap way to reach a wider audience. Customers would benefit from a company that is highly accessible, and more oriented toward the every-person rather than a specifically targeted population.

SEO and Literary Publishing

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'The Outer Bands' by Gabriel Gomez

One instance in which SEO marketing may prove benificial could be a scenario in which a creative writer is intent on publishing a literary work—such as a novel or poetry collection—or has succeeded in finding a publisher, but may not be seeing significant financial returns (or may even have debts).  In order to get the word out there and make the consumer conscious of it enough that the consumer sees value in paying money for it or even taking the time to read it, the author often needs to practically throw it in the face of the consumer who may not even otherwise stop to see it.  No matter how many readings at which the author shares their work, the majority of the public likely do not have time or are not willing to take the time to attend even a small number of readings they are not forced to sit through, and it is more likely that few will even know there is a reading at a certain time and place since readings are events which one often must research extensively in order to find.  The author and/or publisher must find a method which allows members of a potential audience to stumble across a sample of their work which makes a strong enough impression to gain their attention, and SEO is one element which can be vital in allowing this to happen.

Non-Profit Organizations Greatly Benefit from Search Engine Optimization

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SEO creates a global presence for non-profits.

Industry: Non-Profit

A non-profit agency looking for volunteers and funding could greatly benefit from search engine optimization. Through blogs, articles and other content posted to their website, they could capitalize on year-end searches for “charitable organizations” and put themselves in the path of those searching for charitable organizations to contribute to.

Non-profits also stand to capitalize on volunteers who are looking for opportunities to serve. This would allow the non-profit to raise awareness for their cause and their specific charity’s needs without expending precious resources on unnecessary advertising and fundraising. Search engine optimization takes very little up front effort, but could yield great rewards for non-profits looking for a few helping hands.

Public Libraries Draw In Communities Through Great Websites

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Public libraries could greatly benefit from effective web design. Often an afterthought, library websites tend to be difficult to navigate. They often appear to be a half-hearted attempt to step in to the 21st century, yet communities that use libraries would likely reap great rewards from well-designed sites.  

Libraries, like many other government-funded entities, struggle to maintain funding. A high-functioning website would allow more functions to be performed online, including renewals, searches and registration for various activities. This would lessen the workload for employees, allowing the branches to save personnel hours.  

A library website

In addition, interactive sites would allow for greater interaction of younger readers. Youth are increasingly comfortable with, and dependent upon, computers. A library would do well to take this in to account in its efforts to remain a vital, important part of a city’s culture.  

In order to be effective, a library web site must be easy to use by a wide variety of age groups, from senior citizens to young children. It should offer the same information that can be found via in-branch search computers, including inventory availability. In addition, the site should further community interest and reliance upon the library as a central source of information.