How a Travel Agency Can Benefit from Viral Video

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Many viral videos and media will somehow relate to a certain world location or even pique interest in a location with a background image of a unique location.

If a viral video relates in any way to the subject of a particular locality or tourism, a travel agency could take advantage of this by placing ads with special rate offers on the bottom banner of the video.  They may find inexpensive offers for hotels, restaurants, entertainment, and other local attractions and display one within the advertisement which most closely relates to the subject material of the video, so that people who search for the video would also be likely to be the particular individuals interested in what the advertising company is offering.  Doing so effectively can be a good way to see that advertising resources are used so that they will more directly reach the intended target audience.

How an Electronics Dealer Can Benefit from Blogs

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Placing advertisements for electronics on blogs about those specific types of electronics is one way to ensure your advertising campaign is seen by your target audience.

An electronics dealer can benefit from blogs by placing advertisements on popular blogs which feature their product or similar products.  This can serve as an effective method of directly reaching a target consumer base, because it is far more likely that the advertisement will appeal to the blog reader’s interest if the reader since the reader has already shown potential interest by visiting the blog.  Manufacturers and dealers of electronic products may additionally benefit from blogging if there exist blogs about their products which include direct links that bring traffic to the company web site directly from the blog or link to product review web sites which feature favorable reviews of that company’s products, which can add greatly to the perceived credibility of any advertising campaign.

Benefits of Twitter in the music industry

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Twitter can offer a lot of marketing benefits

A music label could substantially benefit from using Twitter.  There are many things that could be posted using Twitter’s simple format: new bands signed; news and reviews of albums released by the label; tour dates of bands signed to the label; and news related either directly or indirectly to the label.  Bands signed to the label could also provide updates through the label’s Twitter account.  It would also provide the label with an easy platform to interact directly with fans through @ replies.  This would allow questions and comments to be received easily, and rapid, personalized responses to be given.

Benefits of social media marketing in the music industry

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Social media offers many marketing benefits

The music industry would benefit greatly from engaging in social media.  First, it would provide a great avenue for bands or record labels to connect directly with fans and consumers.  This would allow them to provide new content and receive feedback in a quick and direct fashion.  Fan opinions on things such as new songs, tour dates, and signees could be gathered immediately.  Likewise, the band or label could actively engage fans in a dialogue about almost anything, whether it pertained to the band/label or not.  This ground level approach could help bands and labels cultivate a stronger and wider fanbase and allow them to adapt to changes occurring within their audience.

Effective web design in the music industry

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Effective web design allows the music industry to easily connect with listeners

The music industry would benefit from effective web design in many ways.  An effective website would allow bands and labels to quickly and efficiently communicate with fans and consumers.  Dynamic sites could cater to the geographic location of a site visitor and show them things such as concerts or release dates in their area.  Dynamic sites could also use cookies to remember a visitor and show them content that caters to their particular tastes; in the case of a label site, it could remember which bands the visitor views the most and show them important news pertaining to these particular bands.

How a Casino Business Can Benefit from Twitter

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The Golden Nugget Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas is one casino business which uses Twitter to update its clientele on new attractions and special offers.

A casino business which can considerably benefit from keeping in touch with and updating its base of clientele using Twitter.  The Golden Nugget Las Vegas Hotel and Casino is a perfect example.  The Golden Nugget Las Vegas uses Twitter to send followers updates on the latest special packages for hotel reservations as well as notifications of upcoming events and news regarding new attractions as they are added to the resort.

The San Manuel Indian Bingo and Casino in Southern California is another example of such a business which uses Twitter to update followers on special opportunities for major winnings in its popular bingo hall— and also to provide updates regarding entertainment and concerts—another popular attraction for a large portion of the clientele.

Useful Facebook Features for a Charity Organization

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The News Feed feature of Facebook is one which can prove a useful tool for charity organizatons.

Two particular Facebook features which can be useful for a charity organization are the Fan Page and the News Feed.  The Fan Page provides a direct mode through which a charity organization can establish a network of its base of volunteers and supporters.  This can be an especially effective way to gain visibility when a member of the organization’s fan base displays a link to the Fan Page for that organization on their profile page, which in turn can be seen by all of that person’s friends when they visit his or her page.  The News Feed can also be effective because it can bring additional visitors who may not see the page displayed on a particular person’s profile, but will be drawn to the page out of curiosity when they see a snippet on the News Feed that one of their friends has become involved in the cause.

Advantages of Facebook Marketing for a Charity Organization

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The St. Bernard Project in St. Bernard Parish Louisiana is one charity organization which uses Facebook to keep in touch with its volunteer base.

For a charity organization dedicated to serving a particular cause or community, using a social media network such as Facebook marketing can be highly advantageous because it allows the organization to utilize its base of volunteers and supporters who are most passionate about the cause to promote awareness of who the organization is and what they do.  An excellent example of this would be the St. Bernard Project in Southeastern Louisiana, an organization dedicated to cleaning up and restoring homes damaged by Hurricane Katrina in St. Bernard Parish, Louisiana.  The St. Bernard Project connects with its regular base of volunteers and supporters through its Facebook page, providing its base with updates on projects and campaigns of which friends of members of that base can become aware when one takes any action in the cause which is shown on that person’s News Feed page.

Benefits of Interactive Multimedia Advertising

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Some potential customers of MLB.TV might want to know that the Premium service offers the ability to watch multiple simultaneous games in high definition for $5 per month more than the basic service.

Let’s say we are put in charge of designing an interactive multimedia web promotion for MLB.TV (a paid subscription service which allows users access to Major League Baseball telecasts across the country).  What are some things that a potential customer would want to know?  Some new users may simply want to get a basic idea of the how the rates work and the benefit they will get out of the service.  Some may be interested in the advantages of buying a season-long subscription over a month-to-month plan.  There may be others still who would be interested to learn about the benefits of subscribing to MLB.TV Premium versus the regular MLB.TV service to find out if the extra features are among those for which they may find it worth their while to pay a little extra.  In this case, it would be advantageous to possibly feature a short video clip where it can be seen on the page, which would be followed by an interactive menu that, depending on which option the user selects, would lead each of these potential customers to the page where they can find the specific information that they want to know before making their decision to sign up for the service.

Five Mistakes to Avoid in Web Design

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What sort of impression does your company's website give potential clients about your company?

Mistakes to Avoid in Web Design, #1: Unclear Definition of Purpose — The first step which is absolutely essential to the planning process of building a website is to determine the purpose and goals of your website.  If this part is unclear when you go ahead with your plan, the ensuing stages of planning, putting together your website, the appearance of the site and probably its functionality will all be negatively impacted, and complications will almost certainly arise in any effort to modify or expand your site

Mistakes to Avoid in Web Design, #2: Lack of Plan Detail — In formulating a plan to build a website, one must pay the equivalent level of attention to detail in the planning process to come up with a clear and organized plan that will work effectively when put into action.  Any gaps in planning will likely cause major bumps in the road in the construction of your site and will most likely be reflected in the final product.

Mistakes to Avoid in Web Design, #3: Lack of Communication in Development — In building a website, one must keep in mind that web design involves a number of complex tasks on different ends; some of which may cause friction with one another when the final product is pieced together.  One example would be when website graphics are put together ignorant of the workings of the coding and content of a website.  This can result in potential problems in functionality for both graphics and the interface which allows visitors to use and navigate your site and can be damaging to SEO mechanics.

Mistakes to Avoid in Web Design, #4: Lack of a User-Friendly Interface — The interface of your website which allows site visitors to use and navigate site features should never be overlooked as an important element of web design.  An interface which is confusing or has issues with functionality will quickly drive frustrated visitors away from your website.

Mistakes to Avoid in Web Design, #5: Improper SEO Mechanics — Smooth implementation of your SEO keywords in the title, text and description of every page on your website is critical in making your SEO mechanics work effectively to gain visibility for your site.  The web today is as competitive an arena for visibility as it has ever been, in which anybody with access has the capability to publish their own content in some form or another.  Without proper SEO mechanics, your site will not be able to reap the benefits of SEO and will more likely than not remain lost in the shuffle of obscurity.