Tips for Using Blogs for Internet Marketing

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SEO is an essential tool for any effective blog marketing campaign.

Although blogs are generally a mode though which anybody with internet access may publish just about anything at any time, there are a number of important differences between free blogging and using blogs for internet marketing:

  • SEO – Whereas a private individual blog may be shared with as many or within as small a circle as the blogger wishes, it is essential to utilize SEO in writing a blog for internet marketing.  No blog can be successful if it cannot be easily found amongst the more than 100 million blogs that exist on the web.
  • Appealing Headline – In addition to making your blog visible in search engines, it is no less important that the blog appear worth checking by one who finds the search engine result in order to bring traffic to your blog web site.
  • Keep It Brief – Most of the web traffic likely to visit your blog is looking for fast information rather than a long and complicated piece that will consume a large amount of time.  If additional elaboration on the subject is required, it is beneficial to refer visitors to external links for further information.
  • Use Categories and Tags – This will help users looking for specific information more easily navigate your blog and find the information they wish to find quickly.
  • Comments – Although no blog writer wants a page filled with negative comments, it is important to allow both positive and negative feedback from readers as should be realistically expected.  An appearance of objectivity is a necessity for credibility.

Advantages of WordPress for Business Blogs

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WordPress includes a number of features which make it a useful tool for blog marketing.

WordPress holds a number of advantages for news and business blogs.  WordPress is a free, open-source platform—meaning the software can be used at no cost by a wide variety of users.  WordPress allows for the simple inclusion of images and other media, and at the same time is specifically designed for Search Engine Optimization of content with its All-In-One SEO Pack.  It can also be used to limit who is able to publish blogs with the ability for a unique user login for each user on each site which utilizes the platform.  The ability to limit access of who can publish content where makes WordPress useful for business in that it helps to separate more professional news and business blogs from those which allow any individual with internet access to publish anything in a variety of places on the web.

Blogs as an Effective Marketing Tool

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For any company seeking to advertise using blogs, it is beneficial to seek blogs which deal with products the same as or similar to the kind they wish to advertise.

Blogs can be used as a marketing tool for advertisers seeking a more direct mode of communicating within their advertising campaign to their target audience of individuals interested in a company’s specific type of product or service.  This allows the advertiser more certainty that the type of product they are advertising is consistent with the potential client’s interests, rather than wasting resources for advertising where they will not appeal to the viewer.  Blogs can also be helpful for providing regular updates with information about new products, and by linking to additional resources which can provide the potential client with more thorough information should they want to research the product further before making a buying decision.

How an Electronics Dealer Can Benefit from Blogs

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Placing advertisements for electronics on blogs about those specific types of electronics is one way to ensure your advertising campaign is seen by your target audience.

An electronics dealer can benefit from blogs by placing advertisements on popular blogs which feature their product or similar products.  This can serve as an effective method of directly reaching a target consumer base, because it is far more likely that the advertisement will appeal to the blog reader’s interest if the reader since the reader has already shown potential interest by visiting the blog.  Manufacturers and dealers of electronic products may additionally benefit from blogging if there exist blogs about their products which include direct links that bring traffic to the company web site directly from the blog or link to product review web sites which feature favorable reviews of that company’s products, which can add greatly to the perceived credibility of any advertising campaign.

The Future of Marketing on the Internet

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Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing is a young field and will grow exponentially in the coming years.  It has changed the way marketing is done with the advent of Internet Affiliate Marketing, Social Media, Viral Videos, and SEM/SEO.  Marketing on the Internet allows for tracking of marketing campaigns and collects valuable client information for later use. 

Affiliate Marketing
.  Done with very little effort as websites become more sophisticated and search engines allow more options for precise searches.
.  Comparison shopping allows exposure to a wide variety of customers while searching for similar products.
.  Connect with similar websites in order to reach the target audience. 

Social Media
Capitalize on human nature through such sites as Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and Twitter. 
.  Companies tap into a huge pool of clients by being referred through networks of friends and associates.
.  The fan feature automatically sends posts.
Forums allow the exchange ideas and opinions. 

Viral Videos
Viral sharing websites such as You Tube, Live Leak, Job Jab and Google Video provide limitless exposure, if the video is particularly good it will be forwarded. 
.  Provide comments area for open dialogue, use constructive criticism.
. Create interesting, entertaining and provocative video.

Web Design and Multimedia
.  Easy navigation and great content writing will direct the user.   
.  Images draw attention and explain your product. 
.  Use short and concise relevant video to attract clients. 
.  Integrate the brand with interactive features allowing the visitor to be a part of the experience. 
.  Use descriptive text on the landing page to draw the visitor in. 
.  Be visible to search engines, use SEO techniques to score high rankings and use descriptive text on every page.
.  Advertise on other sites with a video link to your site.
.  Statistically people read 28 percent of the words on a web visit, captivate the reader.

Press Releases
.  Communicate through blogs. 
.  Keep client base up to date with just one communiqué. 
.  Videos can be incorporated or links to other pertinent sites for information. 
.  Photographs will inform your audience about what you are writing about with a glance.

.  Utilize programs to help in the selection of keywords or keyword phrases to get high page rankings. 
.  Well-written, engaging content is what drives people and search engine crawlers to a website. 
.  Connect with the audience to pull them in.

WordPress formats posts beautifully and is free and easy to use making it a great tool for blogging.  It allows for simple incorporation of images, videos and links to other sites. 
.  Be brief and provide links, do not add too many keywords.
.  Categorize and tag posts correctly. 
.  Insert relevant large images and videos to convey your message. 
.  Write about unique and interesting topics.  Keep it fresh, current and compelling.  Enjoy what you are writing about.

Why Content is King on the Internet

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content is kingThe argument that “content is king” when it comes to the internet is 100% true.  While the internet offers all sorts of goods and services to web surfers, the internet itself is composed entirely of content.  Everything contained within a website is content, regardless of whether it’s a page selling cow-shaped picture frames or a page on the benefits of drinking beet juice.  The quality of content determines website popularity.  An easy-to-read, up-to-date, informative website is more likely to gain hits over a website that lacks good writing, does not update, or provides information of little value to readers.  The most popular websites also provide content that appeals to more than one audience; this obviously allows it to gather hits from a wider range of demographics by fitting the needs of multiple groups of surfers.

Steps to writing an SEO friendly article

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seo friendlyWriting an SEO-friendly article requires a few key steps.  First, you would need to do keyword research to determine the search volume of the keyword or keywords.  Keyword research would also show you where your targeted site is ranked compared to other sites utilizing the same keywords in search sites like Google and Bing.  Keyword proximity would be the next factor; you would want to make sure keywords are placed in the headline of the article, as well as the URL and page title.  Keyword density and frequency would be other important considerations.  While you want to avoid sounding redundant, repetitious, or unnatural, it’s important to include keywords with a high density and frequency, since both factors are pivotal to search engine algorithms.

Visibility The Most Important Aspect Of Internet Marketing

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Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing contains a few key factors, all of which build on each other. The most important aspect of Internet Marketing is the quest to be seen.

If a website is live, but no one clicks on it, does it really exits? It may as well not exist. The first quest and aspect of Internet Marketing is to increase visibility. All other endeavors are pointless until browsers find the site. 
After visibility is attained, all marketing efforts should be focused in, with laser-point accuracy, on generating consistent, timely, quality content. Marketing efforts, be they creative, statistical, etc., focus on refining a website to attain that original goal, visibility. They do this through quality content. 
The successful Internet Marketer knows that it is not enough to have a site that attracts first-time visitors, but does not bring them back. We have plenty of information pointing to the fact that most consumers will not purchase the first time they click on a website. In addition, blogs and other content-driven sites are only successful when updated often, with proven track records of being updated on a regular basis with worthy content. 
Visibility is achieved through SEO tactics, which force the website owner to think in terms of search engines. What would a potential customer type in to Google or Yahoo to find your site? This information is attained through research, a key step in creating quality content. Internet Marketers who take the time to understand their customers, and understand the Internet enough to know how to draw those customers in and convert them to repeat visitors and eventual paying, committed or loyal customers. 
In addition to an SEO-friendly site, Internet Marketers also focus on creating website copy that is informative, free of errors, accurate and timely. If a potential customer visits your site and sees that you haven’t added to your blog since 2009, they know you don’t care enough about the topic or site to update regularly. In effect, you have nothing new to say. And off they go to another site. In addition to current and timely copy, Internet Marketers also seek to provide content that establishes them as an authority on their given topic or product. This creates a trend of being linked to from outside sites, a great tool for increased visibility. 
Overall, Internet Marketing is about understanding the Internet and how it’s search engines and users operate. Then creating a specific, focused plan to reach customers in a respectful, intent way. 
Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing, like the Internet itself, is a wide open field, ready for harvesters. The web is full of information and consumers have increased their level of savvy in sorting through that information. Because of the wealth of resources, poorly written, poorly maintain, out-dates sites are just looked over. Any given web user can find a wealth of information on any given topic or product, thereby rendering outdated, inefficient websites as completely useless.

Keyword Tips for SEO Content Writers

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Research, variety and distribution and relevant employment are just some of the factors in effective keyword usage.


Choosing keywords which are not only relevant to the subject material of your article, but which are commonly plugged into search engines is critical for SEO content writers.  There are numerous keyword research tools available, including one such tool offered free by Google Adwords, though industry professionals have been known to use more highly sophisticated tools such as Hitwise Search Intelligence or Trellian’s Keyword Discovery.

Keyword Variety

While including general keywords commonly plugged into search engines can be helpful in generating hits, it is also advisable to use what are known as “long tail” keywords in combination with general keywords to generate hits among those who may be further along in the decision process of buying a certain product of a certain brand.  Utilizing “long tail” keywords helps an SEO content writer take advantage where there is less competition for search engine rankings, while at the same time reaching a select target audience.

Simple and Understandable Content

As important as it is to use keywords to dive a particular page upward in the search engine rankings, it is equally important that the content of your article is thorough enough to provide the audience with sufficient information about a product, while keeping the text easily navigable and simple to follow.  A piece which is clear and simple as it is informative is an invaluable factor in creating a sufficient level of trust in order for business relationships to form.

How to Get the Most out of a Blog

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Make your blog standout with these tips

To get the most out of a blog, it’s important to maintain consistency – with posts, updates, and comments especially. Be sure to post as often as possible, keep things fresh and interesting; that’s the only way to gain loyal visitors. Stay connected and interact with the people who visit by responding to comments, and keeping an eye out for what interests them (aka If nobody read the post about your cat, maybe it’s time to keep the stories off the blog.) Link up with social media outlets, and be effervescent when it comes to an online presence. Don’t get in peoples face for no reason, but if that’s your thing – do it: if it isn’t your thing, make sure the audience is well aware of it.