Pitfalls to Avoid in Affiliate Marketing

June 29th, 2010 § 0 comments

You will want to be sure that your affiliate uses methods of promoting your product that entice, rather than annoy customers.

In addition to taking into account some basic principles of affiliate marketing, there are a number of pitfalls into which one can fall which must be kept in mind:

  • Poor Affiliate Representation – It is highly important to choose an affiliate who is not only reputable but will help boost your company’s reputation as well.  Reputations can be damaged by unwise associations.
  • Affiliate’s Product or Service of Little Relevance – Part of the idea of affiliate marketing is to reach your target audience by expanding your reach to affiliates who will draw likely customers.  If the product or service that is the subject of your affiliate web site has little or no relation to yours, this eliminates the purpose of direct contact with your target audience.
  • Overly Lengthy Description – While information must be thorough and credible, visitors are not typically drawn to ads which contain lengthy and complicated text descriptions.
  • Over-Aggressive Approach – Some of the more aggressive advertising approaches such as pop-ups and spam will serve to turn away visitors rather than entice them.
  • SEO Titles and Descriptions – Never forget that any success of any advertising campaign depends heavily on your ability to utilize keywords, titles and descriptions that will allow search engine users to find your result.

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