Reasons to Prepare an SEO Press Release

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The "Red Ring of Death" hardware failure that plagued many Xbox 360 consoles became so notoriously prevalent that it began to jeopardize the confidence of consumers in the product. As a result, hardware developers have made chipsets for the machine run increasingly cooler in hopes of improved reliability. For any company facing such an issue, rapid and clear communication of news about product improvement to correct the issue is crucial.

One instance in which an SEO press release would need to be prepared would when a company which manufactures video game consoles makes an update to their hardware which significantly improves the reliability of the machine.  Take the real life example of Microsoft and their Xbox 360 consoles.  For years after their initial release, the Xbox 360 consoles were notorious for a hardware failure known as the “Red Ring of Death,” a term originating from the ring of red lights which would display on the front of a console which had ceased to function.  One major cause of this hardware failure which has often been cited is the machine’s tendency to overheat due in large part to its high level of power usage.  Further into the production cycle, Microsoft’s developers produced new chipsets which used less and less power, reducing the chances of the machine overheating.  Each new chipset has been met with anticipation that it would solve the problem for good, but none has yet proven to make the machine RRoD-proof.  Still, as developers continue development of the latest chipsets, it is important for potential consumers who may be wary of reliability issues to know that the product they purchase is constructed with the latest, most efficient and most reliable hardware.  When the company finally makes that step in development which resolves the issue, communicating this to the public as quickly and as clearly as possible is key to limiting the effect of any past PR damage which may affect future business, and it getting across to consumers and media that the issue is no longer something demanding concern.

The Future of Marketing on the Internet

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Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing is a young field and will grow exponentially in the coming years.  It has changed the way marketing is done with the advent of Internet Affiliate Marketing, Social Media, Viral Videos, and SEM/SEO.  Marketing on the Internet allows for tracking of marketing campaigns and collects valuable client information for later use. 

Affiliate Marketing
.  Done with very little effort as websites become more sophisticated and search engines allow more options for precise searches.
.  Comparison shopping allows exposure to a wide variety of customers while searching for similar products.
.  Connect with similar websites in order to reach the target audience. 

Social Media
Capitalize on human nature through such sites as Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and Twitter. 
.  Companies tap into a huge pool of clients by being referred through networks of friends and associates.
.  The fan feature automatically sends posts.
Forums allow the exchange ideas and opinions. 

Viral Videos
Viral sharing websites such as You Tube, Live Leak, Job Jab and Google Video provide limitless exposure, if the video is particularly good it will be forwarded. 
.  Provide comments area for open dialogue, use constructive criticism.
. Create interesting, entertaining and provocative video.

Web Design and Multimedia
.  Easy navigation and great content writing will direct the user.   
.  Images draw attention and explain your product. 
.  Use short and concise relevant video to attract clients. 
.  Integrate the brand with interactive features allowing the visitor to be a part of the experience. 
.  Use descriptive text on the landing page to draw the visitor in. 
.  Be visible to search engines, use SEO techniques to score high rankings and use descriptive text on every page.
.  Advertise on other sites with a video link to your site.
.  Statistically people read 28 percent of the words on a web visit, captivate the reader.

Press Releases
.  Communicate through blogs. 
.  Keep client base up to date with just one communiqué. 
.  Videos can be incorporated or links to other pertinent sites for information. 
.  Photographs will inform your audience about what you are writing about with a glance.

.  Utilize programs to help in the selection of keywords or keyword phrases to get high page rankings. 
.  Well-written, engaging content is what drives people and search engine crawlers to a website. 
.  Connect with the audience to pull them in.

WordPress formats posts beautifully and is free and easy to use making it a great tool for blogging.  It allows for simple incorporation of images, videos and links to other sites. 
.  Be brief and provide links, do not add too many keywords.
.  Categorize and tag posts correctly. 
.  Insert relevant large images and videos to convey your message. 
.  Write about unique and interesting topics.  Keep it fresh, current and compelling.  Enjoy what you are writing about.

Advantages of an SEO Press Release Versus a Traditional Press Release

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One advantage of an SEO press release over a traditional press release is that it can be distributed directly to consumers whereas a Traditional Press Release would need the approval of an editor, publisher or media outlet.

An SEO press release and a traditional press release differ in that an SEO press release is distributed directly to where it can be seen by readers on the internet whereas a traditional press release would need the approval of an editor or other media agency before it would have the chance to be seen by members of its target audience.  Because they are distributed directly to where they will be seen by readers, SEO press releases are written in a manner designed to incorporate common search habits of the target audience in order to generate as high-ranking, and as many results on Search Engine Result Pages as possible.

The Three Most Important Aspects of Internet Marketing

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Cycle of Internet Marketing

I think the most important aspects of internet marketing are social media, visual media, and real-time traffic monitoring and analysis.

Social media is important because of how well it fits into the budget of any business: if you don’t want to go the free routes of commercial exposure yourself, hire someone to do it. The great thing about is that it doesn’t take much training, and it truly improves the company’s exposure.

These items aren’t ranked in accordance with importance; however, the second significant aspect of internet marketing – in my opinion – is visual media. Along the lines of bang for your buck – nothing beats a low budget video conveying your idea instead of an overpriced advertising travesty. By fixing yourself up with visual media (pictures, videos etc.) you’ll ensure that everyone has something to interest and maintain their attention; perhaps, long enough to make a sale.

Knowing who sees it empowers you, the marketer

The third item is the value of content; by this I mean how much you get out of what you wrote. Spewing empty words and obnoxiously decorative language will force people to lose interest as they trip over five-syllable words, and odd sentence constructions. You may want to impress your audience, you may want to relate to your audience; the beauty of well crafted content is that it will work for itself. What’s great about internet content is that you can actually see what people want to read, and use that knowledge to tighten their focus on whatever you want to tell them. when you are able to know who is watching/ reading/ listening to whatever you are doing, you can extrapolate trends, and learn about your audience. In doing so, you will ensure that they become loyal, once you establish their consistent interest in your work.

So, to reiterate everything; overall, I find that social media, visual media, and the real-time traffic analysis are the most important aspects of internet marketing. Social media allows quick and cheap exposure, visual media ensures that there’s an interest for every type of visitor, and real-time traffic allows the webmaster to concentrate their audience, and learn about their preferences, which could then be incorporated to reflect upon the way business is carried out.

5 tips for SEO press releases

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1)      Keep the wording of the SEO press release as simple and easy as possible.  By keeping the language simple and free of technical terminology, you attract a wider audience that is able to comprehend the topic of the press release.

2)      Make sure keywords are included in headlines and subheadlines.  The primary keyword would be priority number one in terms of visibility to readers, and all secondary keywords should be placed close by.  This allows readers and search engines to quickly and easily identify the topic of the press release.

3)      The first 250 words must capture the attention of the reader and stimulate interest.  By optimizing these first words, you engage readers in your topic and encourage them to click through to any linked material you may have.

4)      Make use of the “Title, Summary, Body Copy, About the Company, Press contact” formula.  This long used method provides everything needed in a press release in the most efficient way.

5)      Make your keywords easily identifiable by using bold formatting and hyperlinks.  Bolding words makes emphasis easy and lets keywords stand out, and hyperlinks allow for easy click through to other relevant information.

3 important factors of SEO press releases

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News wire sites

One of the more important parts of an SEO press release is the keyword research.  Because press releases are time-sensitive, it’s important for companies to use keywords that will make the press release highly searchable even after a considerable amount of time has passed since the initial release.  This maximizes company visibility.  Another important part is utilizing news wire sites.  While a company can be successful posting press releases on their own, being able to link and be linked to outside sites garners higher search engine visibility.  Inevitably, the most important part of SEO press releases is the readability.  Press releases must be written in a way that engages readers immediately and generates interest in the topic; otherwise, the effort is largely wasted.

Five Bad Things To Avoid When It Comes to Affiliate Marketing

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Keep your affiliates in sharp focus to ensure an effective campaign

If you don’t want your affiliate marketing campaign to implode, then there are a few things you should try to avoid: first, do not include affiliates who are spammers, or who host malicious things like viruses; second, do not concentrate on a highly-specialized audience, it’s good to extend exposure to the outer fringes of the target audience; third, do not offer affiliate marketing opportunities to any website, only those that have consistently high amounts of traffic; forth, do not associate with negative websites, or things that aren’t good for your company’s reputation; fifth, do not use the same ad on every affiliates website as this may condition people to ignore it once they’ve seen it a dozen times.

SEO press releases in the music industry

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A record label would be a great beneficiary to SEO press releases.  In the music industry, events such as new artist signings, album releases, and sales numbers are vital to a record label’s success.  Using SEO press releases, a record label would achieve wider recognition by having press releases on relevant topics link to the label itself.  Signing a new band would require an SEO press release, as would dropping an artist from the label’s roster.  Big concert events and tours would also be great SEO press release opportunities, since they involve geographic locations across the country; an effective SEO press release would bring the label attention from every state the tour or concert occurs in.

Five Things Essential to Effective Affiliate Marketing

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Gather a group of support with affiliate marketing strategies

If you want to have an effective affiliate marketing campaign, there are five things that are priority: one, extend beyond just the gaming aspect of the product, and draw intrigue through the soundtrack titles or band names; two, gather reputable affiliates who are complimentary to your product (in other words, if you’re game is on a specific platform, go to websites that offer reviews of that console); three, consider your target audience, and hire the affiliates with a similar audience; four, allow third parties to review your product, if they like it – they may endorse it at no cost to you; five, gather a diverse cabinet of affiliates to ensure that you haven’t narrowed your public exposure to those who are already more prone to buying your product.

The differences between tradition and SEO press releases

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There are a few key differences between tradition press releases and SEO press releases.  Traditional press releases involved PR firms distributing to editors at broadcasting networks and print media companies.  Distribution would happen through mail, fax, or email.  Editors would then release the information if they found it to be relevant and note-worthy.  With SEO press releases, companies do not need to rely on editors to make their announcements visible to the public.  Using proper SEO techniques, companies can have their announcements dominate search engine rankings and reach “viral” statuses without having a middle man determine the relevancy of the announcement, thereby guaranteeing that every press release can be made visible to the public.