Facebook Marketing Mistakes

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Facebook marketing no doubt has taken the world by storm. But as is the case with every other thing, mistakes are bound to happen while attempting something new. Go through the list given below to know some of the most common mistakes committed by Facebook Marketers.

  • Putting all Eggs in One Basket

If you have Facebook account, should you also have a Twitter account, a blog or a micro-website? If your answer is no, you are committing a mistake here. This is like putting all your eggs in one basket. Having multiple social media marketing platforms is always a good idea.

  • No Separate Profiles

Never mix social and business profiles together. People usually get turned off by a business profile on Facebook. Always maintain a personal and a professional profile simultaneously. Once people are into your personal profile, you can easily pull them towards your business profile.

  • No Integration

Integrating various social media marketing platforms is of utmost importance. It is always a good strategy to allow people using different social media platforms to cross reference you on various sites. Facebook is just one platform and you need to integrate others like Twitter, YouTube, and Blogs for effective social media marketing.

  • Static Information

Merely creating a profile and letting it go at that point is foolish. If new content is not added consistently, fans or followers are bound to think that you have abandoned the project. Thus adding new content regularly is important.

  • Being too Pushy

You need to realize that social media platforms will not work for you if you are just pushing the sales pitches towards the user. Rather you should make efforts in attracting them.

SEO: A Marketing Tool to Boost Visibility Through Search Engine Results

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SEO can be a valuable tool to gain visibility in the result pages of major search engines.

SEO is a valuable tool for businesses in today’s market because it is a crucial component to increasing the visibility of the company or product website in Search Engine Results which helps to drive a larger volume of traffic to one’s website.  SEO is seen as a more effective marketing method when it comes to Search Engine Marketing because it has been shown that individuals who use search engines are 3.5 times more likely to follow a link displayed within the organic results the search engine generates than a sponsored result.  It has also been shown to drive traffic to sites in a more lasting flow than does a paid advertisement or sponsored link.

Effective Facebook Marketing Tips

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Facebook Marketing Tips

There can be bad and ineffective advertising and then there can be good and effective advertising. Advertising on Facebook is no different, and if you don’t want to do it in a former way, follow the tips for Facebook marketing given below –

  • Stop Being a Salesman

Advertising on Facebook is not possible without creating a profile. If you want to reach out to a wide audience, at no cost make you profile look like a salesman trying to sell you something or the other.

  • Do not be Pushy

People visit websites like Facebook to socialize, and if you try to pitch for your product or service to them, they will straightway ignore you. A more subtle way would to be tell them about benefits of a product or service through wall pasts, videos and links.

  • Create Business Groups

Instead of randomly targeting people, try to filter people who would be interested in your product or service. Set up a business group and ask prospective members to refer you to people on their network.

  • Join and Help Others

There might other people who like you are trying to promote a business. Networking with them will prove to be fruitful in long run.

  • Be Persistent

Your efforts will bear fruits only if you are consistent in them. Do not expect overnight results. Hence, be persistent.

Five Tips Toward a Highly Efficient Presence on Facebook

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Your base of followers and clients is one of the most valuable assets you will have in social media marketing.

Here are five tips on how to effectively utilize social media outlets like Facebook. Keep your comments limited in order to attract as many people as possible. The goal should be to get users in and signed up as members or supporters of the group or page. Use a variable set of styles when posting on Facebook. Keeping it lively will ensure an intrigued audience. Put all the base information (discussions, videos, pictures etc) on your fan page, since people are likely to spend more time browsing that page the most. Be consistent with your posts, and interact with your supporters to keep them coming back.

All of these names fall into the realm of social media

The Decline of Algorithm Manipulation in Search Engine Optimization

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Manipulation of search engine crawlers was once a somewhat popular method of gaining visibility online until search engine crawlers became wise to their tactics.

  • July 26, 1997: Search Engine Optimization was originally discovered when a spam message was posted on Usenet, which took advantage of the relatively simple algorithm method in use at the time.  At the time, search engines depended heavily on information given by webmasters, using meta tags and keywords, which were easily manipulated in order to boost the ranking of the search result for one’s website.
  • 1998/99: Search engines such as Altavista begin banning websites for “too many URLs” and other algorithm deceiving methods in an effort to combat bait-and-switch tactics used to increase the page rankings of certain websites, making “black hat Search Engine Optimization” far more time consuming and far less rewarding to those who practice such methods.

Powerful Facebook Features

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Targeted Advertising

Facebook has become a darling of social media marketers for no reasons. Compared to Google AdWords, which till now used to rule the roost, advertising features of Facebook not only come cheap, but also are more effective in terms of return on investments. Given below are two Facebook features, which will help you in your business promotions.

Suppose you own a body massage services company in Los Angeles, consider using the following tools for business promotions –

Connection Targeting

This powerful feature of Facebook allows you to get in touch with specific prospective customers without pushing your business promotions on their faces. For example, if your body massage services are specifically targeted towards people in the age group of 25-40, residing in Los Angeles, then this tool will enable you to place your ads on their Facebook homepages in the form of banners, videos, newsfeeds and other things. This feature also allows you to reach people on the connection list of people already members of your businesses fan page.

Radius Targeting

If you think that people visiting Los Angeles for business and leisure purposes are also your target audience, then probably this is the best feature of Facebook to be used. Just specify the radius or cities from which you think your business will emanate and see your business grow.

SEO and Charity Response to Disaster

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SEO can prove invaluable to efforts to mobilize aid in an instance of urgent need, such as the recent earthquake in Haiti.

Charity organizations are one form of industry which could potentially benefit from SEO because the visibility of certain organizations designed to step up in a time of need is crucial when the need is pertinent in the public eye.  Examples of such situations of need would include, but not be limited to: the recent earthquake in Haiti, Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans and the Gulf Coast, the tsunami in Java in 2006, or any other of a variety of natural disasters which result in a need for outside assistance when local infrastructure is devastated.  Increasing the page rankings of any charitable organization which works to benefit such a situation while the situation is still in news headlines can save potential donors or volunteers the time of searching for ways to get involved by instead saving them the trouble and presenting a viable option right in front of them.

Five Things to Avoid When it Comes to Facebook

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A properly designed Facebook campaign is invaluable

Here are five things that should be avoided when using Facebook, or other social media outlets: Do not use abrasive, or foul, language as this may offend potential customers, and could cause the wrong type of publicity for your cause or company. Do not be inconsistent, this will lose people’s interest. Don’t write too extensively as people appreciate terse content. Do not clutter your page with overwhelming amounts of media; people that are interest should have the ability to venture deeper. Don’t have several pages for the same thing, you want to consolidate your fan base to make sure that everyone hears what you have to say on behalf of the organization.

SEO and Literary Publishing

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'The Outer Bands' by Gabriel Gomez

One instance in which SEO marketing may prove benificial could be a scenario in which a creative writer is intent on publishing a literary work—such as a novel or poetry collection—or has succeeded in finding a publisher, but may not be seeing significant financial returns (or may even have debts).  In order to get the word out there and make the consumer conscious of it enough that the consumer sees value in paying money for it or even taking the time to read it, the author often needs to practically throw it in the face of the consumer who may not even otherwise stop to see it.  No matter how many readings at which the author shares their work, the majority of the public likely do not have time or are not willing to take the time to attend even a small number of readings they are not forced to sit through, and it is more likely that few will even know there is a reading at a certain time and place since readings are events which one often must research extensively in order to find.  The author and/or publisher must find a method which allows members of a potential audience to stumble across a sample of their work which makes a strong enough impression to gain their attention, and SEO is one element which can be vital in allowing this to happen.

Marketing Body Massage Services through Social Media Marketing

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Social Media Marketing

Though social media marketing is being adopted by larger organizations for marketing their products and services, smaller companies also stand to benefit equally from it. For example, if you have just launched body massage services in Los Angeles, social media marketing is the best way to get your word out there. Of course this can be achieved through traditional advertising mediums, but again, that would be too costly. By efficiently using social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and blogs, the word will be out there much more quickly and efficiently.

The primary reasons of you getting benefited the most are as follows –

  • Bare minimum advertising costs.
  • Exposure to large audience (probably beyond reach of traditional media) in shortest possible time.
  • Since body massage services can only be evaluated only after the service is taken, reviews would be genuine enabling you to garner broader client base.