Optimize YouTube Videos to Get More Views

December 2nd, 2009 § 0 comments § permalink

Publishing content in many places and optimizing that content so that it gets found in search engines is an important part of marketing and search engine optimization, and videos are an important aspect in content creation.  Given that YouTube is the most popular video sharing website, you should certainly be uploading videos there.  You also need to be able to optimize your videos so that they show up higher in searches on YouTube.

Here are some tips:

Title & Description:
Just like on-page SEO for web pages, you need to optimize the basic text information describing your videos – the titles and descriptions. These are set when you upload the video. The title should contain a good keyword phrase. The description should also contain keywords and variations of keywords. Including a URL in the description is also a good idea, since since it makes it very easy for something to browse over to your site. To include a link in the description, just add a full URL (including http://) at the start of your description.

Tags: For SEO, you should include at least 5-7 relevant keywords as tags for your video. Using tags will associate your video with other videos that use the same tags, so when people watch a different video, your video will be shown as a “related video” and you can get additional views from people who originally might not have clicked on your video.

Views: The popularity of your video is an important factor in how well your video will rank in search results. YouTube prefers to show popular videos, because they are usually better quality videos. Also, videos that have received a big spike in views in the past 24 hours or so will get preferred placement and also will be put on lists like “most viewed today” which then in turn attract more views.

Embeds: Inbound links are important in traditional SEO, and are also important in YouTube SEO. An embedded video functions like an inbound link. You can see how many links and embeds your video has by using YouTube Insights. Getting more websites to link to and embed your video will help it rank higher in search results.

Ratings & Comments: Higher ratings and more comments are also indications of better quality videos so try to get as many great ratings and comments as you can for SEO purposes. The best way to do this is to make high quality, interesting videos. You can also post links to your video on your other social networks and ask your friends/followers what they think of the video.