PPC Managment has more options then ever before

August 3rd, 2007 § 0 comments § permalink

For many small eCommerce websites, the primary and often times only method of online marketing is PPC (pay per click) advertising. Managing the day to day operation of an online store can be problematical within itself Thus, making time to manage a full scale marketing campaign taxing and problematic for an online business. This becomes a larger issue when the online store is a one man operation or the individual managing the marketing campaign has little or no understanding of how to successfully manage a PPC campaign.
Until recently small business’s had few options when it came to online marketing. For many business owners hiring a professional SEM firm was simply unprofitable because the fees were costly and often times did not justify the bottom line or ROI (return on investment).  The other option was to use complicated software to manage all the bids, keywords and positions of pay per click campaigns. The issue with most of the software was its extensive learning curve and lack of proper online training / documentation to provide business owners with a clear understand of the software.

Currently, e-Commerce business owners have added options from software like PPC management and Bid Maximizer which use a form of A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) to manipulate bid prices and use keywords across PPC engines like Overture, MSN Ad Center and Google AdWords. The other exciting and often more profitable option is an increase in PPC Consultant companies offering business a percent based package. The customer only pays the firm a percent of the total cost of dollar spent on PPC marketing. By working on a percent model rather them a flat fee gives addition incentives for the firm to work harder and provides a level of cost control to the business owner.