Tips for Social Media Marketing

May 19th, 2010 § 0 comments

Your base of followers and clients is one of the most valuable assets you will have in social media marketing.

Tips for Social Media Marketing, #1: Straightforward Presentation – Any company or organization looking to promote a name or brand on Facebook must use extra care in how they convey who they are and what they do.  The presentation must be clear and succinct in its appeal to give an impression of legitimacy and credibility.

Tips for Social Media Marketing, #2: Keep Introductory Hook Simple – It is important to remember that most Facebook users do not come to the website to shop for products or services in deciding how one’s ad or post should appear.  Users will be far more likely to click on an ad or post which uses simple and brief language with effective appeal than one with a lengthy or confusing description.

Tips for Social Media Marketing, #3: Organize Your Page – With the knowledge that those who visit your page are those who have already shown enough interest to click a link to it, your company or organization page is where you keep the essential information that will give a clear outline of who your organization is and what they do.  The page should be neatly organized easily navigable with visible links to allow those who want to find out more information to find exactly what they are looking for easily.

Tips for Social Media Marketing, #4: Stylistic Variety – To keep your audience interested, adding some level of variety to your posts is usually advisable.  Some examples of adding variety could include using different Facebook features and media.  This helps to give an impression that your company or organization will continue to put the same level of effort for its product or service as it appeared to the user on their first visit to your page.

Tips for Social Media Marketing, #5: Maintain a Polished Appearance – The quality of any representation of your company or organization for many users indicates a corresponding quality of substance, so attention to detail in how you present your company is critical.

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