5 tips for SEO press releases

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1)      Keep the wording of the SEO press release as simple and easy as possible.  By keeping the language simple and free of technical terminology, you attract a wider audience that is able to comprehend the topic of the press release.

2)      Make sure keywords are included in headlines and subheadlines.  The primary keyword would be priority number one in terms of visibility to readers, and all secondary keywords should be placed close by.  This allows readers and search engines to quickly and easily identify the topic of the press release.

3)      The first 250 words must capture the attention of the reader and stimulate interest.  By optimizing these first words, you engage readers in your topic and encourage them to click through to any linked material you may have.

4)      Make use of the “Title, Summary, Body Copy, About the Company, Press contact” formula.  This long used method provides everything needed in a press release in the most efficient way.

5)      Make your keywords easily identifiable by using bold formatting and hyperlinks.  Bolding words makes emphasis easy and lets keywords stand out, and hyperlinks allow for easy click through to other relevant information.

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Tips for Aspiring SEO Writers

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keyword proximity

If I were to give tips to an aspiring SEO writer, I would assert that the most important element of SEO writing is that it reads naturally.  An SEO writer can follow all the right steps involving keywords, but if the writing does not integrate these in seamless way readers will be turned off and search engine spiders will ignore the content, as they are trained to think and read based on human models.  The next tip I would give is to make sure keyword research is utilized.  It’s vital to understand how keywords are being ranked by search engines, and where the targeted sites fall within these rankings.  I would also suggest that they use keyword prominence and proximity to the fullest extent.  These two techniques enable a writer to use keywords more dynamically and more often.

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Steps to writing an SEO friendly article

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seo friendlyWriting an SEO-friendly article requires a few key steps.  First, you would need to do keyword research to determine the search volume of the keyword or keywords.  Keyword research would also show you where your targeted site is ranked compared to other sites utilizing the same keywords in search sites like Google and Bing.  Keyword proximity would be the next factor; you would want to make sure keywords are placed in the headline of the article, as well as the URL and page title.  Keyword density and frequency would be other important considerations.  While you want to avoid sounding redundant, repetitious, or unnatural, it’s important to include keywords with a high density and frequency, since both factors are pivotal to search engine algorithms.

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Content Is King-Justified And Beyond Justified

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Content is King. I do agree with this memo or an argument – whatever term one wants to call it. Quality content with proper SEO usage only can make the visitor read the full article and use it for achieving their goal, be it buying a product or enhancing the knowledge.


Appeal to the target audience:

Article that is written with SEO based content for geo-marketing can target audience globally or locally as the web master / business owner wishes. Depending on the marketing methodology one uses and the customer area one wants to focus on, Content can act like a King to rule the marketing world.

Repeat visitors:

Content should meet the below basic criteria to gain repeat visitors and in turn more business.

  • Original, different and unique
  • Relevant information for what it was written for
  • Appealing, interesting and informative
  • Updated information in line with the global changes


If the content strategy is neglected, the website and so the business will fail within a year of building the same. Not only the search engines love contents, visitors read the websites for contents that are informative and help to meet their need. So Content is King.

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Four Step Process To Write SEO Content Friendly Article

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Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is the mantra used by all internet marketing writers. Contents need to be SEO friendly, so that it can reach target audience and give a way to repeat visitors. This article will help to understand the four step process on how to write SEO content friendly articles for the websites


SEO process

Writing a SEO content friendly article becomes easier and quicker when you have a 4 step process in place before creating it.

  1. Key word prominence: Using 2-3 keywords, one single word being a main keyword all through the article. This includes title tags, article headline, sub headings, tags, metadata, and page description. Keywords can be chosen using tools like Google Adwords.
  2. Keyword Proximity: Using the primary keyword as the first word or phrase in the headline, URL and page title will help to increase the pagerank.
  3. Keyword Frequency: Using too many keywords will knock the visitors away and there are chances search engines consider the article and so the webpage as ‘spam’. Consider using the main keyword not more than 3-4 times, sub keywords 1-2 times through out the article.
  4. Keyword Density: Using the keywords all through the article is important. Bulking keywords in a single paragraph will make it look like ‘spam’


It is important to understand the usage of keyword tools,rules and calculation methods to write your article with SEO friendly contents.

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3 Tips To An Aspiring SEO Content Writer To Be Successful

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To be successful in their writing career aspiring SEO content writer should know the below technicalities behind Internet Marketing writing. This article gives 3 Tips to an aspiring SEO content writer to become successful in their writer career

3 Tips to an Aspiring SEO Content Writer

Find a right keyword:

Ensure you use the keyword search tools like ‘Google Adwords’, to select the main and sub key words. 1 main keyword can be accompanied by 4-5 sub keywords for an article that contains 400-500 words.

Keyword Rules:

Understand the technicalities behind rules such as keyword prominence, keyword density, keyword proximity and keyword frequency to better using them in the articles

Continue Learning:

It is very important to continue learning and keep updated on the latest happenings in the ‘SEO’ world.This will help to keep the websites updated, so that it can attract more visitors.


It becomes very important to follow these tips since this field has huge involvement of customer satisfaction and success of various stakeholders such as you as a writer, your customer as a webmaster, main customers as visitors.

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Great Writers Know SEO Leads To Success

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Typewriter Keys

Typewriter keys

In Journalism classes, writers are encouraged to know the audience, speak to the audience and engage them. SEO is the same basic concept. If a writer wishes to write for web audiences, he/she must know how to speak to that audience. This includes the most fundamental aspect of getting your words in front of the reader. It is not enough to be a great writer. Great words on an ineffective website benefit almost no one. Great writing on a website with excellent visibility due to SEO is much more fruitful and beneficial.

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Public Libraries Draw In Communities Through Great Websites

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Public libraries could greatly benefit from effective web design. Often an afterthought, library websites tend to be difficult to navigate. They often appear to be a half-hearted attempt to step in to the 21st century, yet communities that use libraries would likely reap great rewards from well-designed sites.  

Libraries, like many other government-funded entities, struggle to maintain funding. A high-functioning website would allow more functions to be performed online, including renewals, searches and registration for various activities. This would lessen the workload for employees, allowing the branches to save personnel hours.  

A library website

In addition, interactive sites would allow for greater interaction of younger readers. Youth are increasingly comfortable with, and dependent upon, computers. A library would do well to take this in to account in its efforts to remain a vital, important part of a city’s culture.  

In order to be effective, a library web site must be easy to use by a wide variety of age groups, from senior citizens to young children. It should offer the same information that can be found via in-branch search computers, including inventory availability. In addition, the site should further community interest and reliance upon the library as a central source of information.  

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SEO As An Invaluable Tool

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One reason is that you want people to find you.  Being as that there are millions of web pages you have to stand out and understanding SEO is very important you the success of a business.  Choose the right keywords or keyword phrase, think outside of yourself as to what a person might type in to find your business.  Look at similar web pages to get an idea of what they use.

Another is that you can track your marketing results scientifically.  You can research how your site is searched and make adjustments as needed to find the best possible design that gets you the most traffic.

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Three Things You Need To Know Before You Start Writing For The Web

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Learn techniques before beginning the work.

Before you begin writing for the web, there are a few things you should know. Sure, even grandma is on Facebook, but creating truly great web content is not a fluke and it’s not something that can be guessed at. Follow these guidelines and your site is sure to be highly visible and successful.

Do the research before you start your piece: Know your keywords, know your target audience, know the guidelines for creating excellent copy.

Be ethical and honest: Don’t crowd your articles, tags or site with keywords in an attempt to trick crawlers or readers. If you have to resort to shady tactics, reconsider your motivation.

Get creative, be informative: The best web content is that which can fall in to the SEO guidelines, yet be compelling, educational and entertaining. It’s sort of like writing a haiku – there’s beauty in the challenge of writing within a certain structure.

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