Five Affiliate Marketing Pitfalls To Avoid

April 10th, 2010 § 0 comments

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

When engaging in Affiliate Marketing, you should try to avoid these 5 pitfalls:

1. Don’t be sneaky: There’s nothing that angers a potential customer and ensures they won’t return to your site or engage in business with you like tricky marketing. Affiliate marketing offers certain opportunities for shady alliances. Don’t be tempted to go down this route. Though slightly easier at times, shady marketing techniques never pay off is sustained dividends. 

2. Don’t market in a way that you wouldn’t want to be marketed to: If you hate pop-up ads, chances are that your potential customers or visitors do, too. Using annoying tactis like pop-up ads just angers potential customers, it doesn’t make them any more likely to do business with you. 
3. Discount affiliate marketing: By turning a blind eye to the world of affiliate marketing, you could be losing out on great benefits. While it may not be suitable to every single site or business, you still owe it to yourself to explore the possibilities. 
4. Stay away from new technology: It is important to follow the trends that your potential customers are following. You need to be where they are, even if it involves a technology you’re not comfortable with. 
5. Form alliances with just anyone: Pick your partners carefully because they become an extension of your company’s image. 

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