Content Is King-Justified And Beyond Justified

April 14th, 2010 § 0 comments


Content is King. I do agree with this memo or an argument – whatever term one wants to call it. Quality content with proper SEO usage only can make the visitor read the full article and use it for achieving their goal, be it buying a product or enhancing the knowledge.


Appeal to the target audience:

Article that is written with SEO based content for geo-marketing can target audience globally or locally as the web master / business owner wishes. Depending on the marketing methodology one uses and the customer area one wants to focus on, Content can act like a King to rule the marketing world.

Repeat visitors:

Content should meet the below basic criteria to gain repeat visitors and in turn more business.

  • Original, different and unique
  • Relevant information for what it was written for
  • Appealing, interesting and informative
  • Updated information in line with the global changes


If the content strategy is neglected, the website and so the business will fail within a year of building the same. Not only the search engines love contents, visitors read the websites for contents that are informative and help to meet their need. So Content is King.

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